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Firm Management

Firmwide Managing Partner David C. Baca
Phone: 503.778.5306, 206.757.8005, Email:

General Counsel John Reed
Phone: 206.757.8129, Email:   

Chief Financial Officer Keith Gorder
Phone: 206.757.8051, Email:

Chief Administrative Officer Kelli Kohout
Phone: 206.757.8209, Email:

Chief Information Officer Rob O’Rielly
Phone: 206.757.8575, Email:

Chief Strategy Officer Mark Usellis
Phone: 206.757.7700, Email:   

Director of Professional Development Martinelle Cole
Phone: 206.757.8766, Email:

Director of Human Resources Michele Collier
Phone: 206.757.8441, Email:

Director of Marketing & Business Development Jennifer Castleberry
Phone: 206.757.8642, Email:

Diversity Outreach Manager Karen Russell
Phone: 206.757.8137, Email:

Firmwide Contacts

Accounting – Accounts Payable Jon Knerr
Phone: 206.757.8530, Email:

Accounting – Accounts Receivable Gus Kringen
Phone: 206.757.8532, Email:

Library Services Christy Leith
Phone: 206.757.8541, Email:

Media Relations Mark Fefer
Phone: 206.757.8583, Email:

Pro Bono Committee Chair Robert Corn-Revere
Phone: 202.973.4225, Email:

Administrator, Pro Bono & Public Service Committee Julie Orr
Phone: 206.757.8586, Email:

Recruiting Michele Collier
Phone: 206.757.8441, Email:

Seminars Molly Klein
Phone: 206.757.8696, Email:

Office Administrators

Anchorage Diane Pennington
Phone: 907.257.5322, Email:

Bellevue Beth Haimann
Phone: 425.646.6126, Email:

Los Angeles Susan Seales
Phone: 213.633.6810, Email:

New York Manny Molina 
Phone: 212.489.8230, Email:

Portland Margaret Cicchetti
Phone: 503.778.5237, Email:

San Francisco Karen Baltier-Long
Phone: 415.276.6544, Email:

Shanghai Beth Haimann
Phone: 425.646.6126, Email:

Seattle Christopher Cripps
Phone: 206.757.8556, Email:

Washington, D.C. Sally Linzau
Phone: 202.973.4327, Email:

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