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Los Angeles

When looking at the culture of Davis Wright, diversity and inclusion has become one of our core values. Our firmwide commitment to diversity is exhibited through our diversity committee and our work with clients on their diversity initiatives. Each of the firm’s satellite offices has its own unique way of adopting this core value.

The Los Angeles office supports the diversity initiative of our firm through the hiring and mentoring of diverse attorneys. This office resisted economic pressure and has increased our diversity numbers over the years. Since 2007, we have nearly doubled the number of associates at our firm from 12 to 21. The proportion of those associates who are female has risen from one-third to over half. We have had similar success at the partner level. Since 2007, the number of female partners has increased to now represent over one-third of our partnership.

These numbers prove that we not only talk about diversity as a core value, but that we live it. We believe in the value that diversity and inclusion provides. It ensures that we’re gaining new insights from, and constantly challenging one another. We can take this unique perspective and apply it to our client work. Our diverse attorneys and staff make us a stronger firm and better suited to serve our clients.
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