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Los Angeles

The Los Angeles attorneys adhere to the firmwide Pro Bono Policy. We believe that people deserve legal representation, even if it’s unaffordable, and our attorneys volunteer themselves to provide it. Partners and associates dedicate their time and legal services to causes that they are passionate about. Our pro bono work has a lot of range and depth.

Featured Stories:

Do Adult Entertainers Have a Right to Medical Privacy?
Should your career choice affect your right to maintain the privacy of your medical records? In a recent case involving an adult film actor, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) said "yes." Jennifer Brockett, a litigator in our Los Angeles office who is co-counsel for the actor with ACLU attorneys, explains: "The position Cal/OSHA is taking, and we’re strongly combating, is that there is no interest in the privacy of information about HIV testing."

Jimenez v. Franklin
In 2002, when Emilio Gonzalez was still an associate, he signed on to represent Anthony Jimenez, a convicted felon who brought an action alleging excessive use of force in violation of his civil rights by sheriff ’s deputies while he was in the Los Angeles County jail in 1998.

Jimenez claimed he was unjustifiably beaten on three different occasions, when deputies punched him and kicked him; attacked him with pepper spray and hobbled him; placed a black bag over his head; struck him with a large metal flashlight; and used a "carotid" head-lock and straps to choke him.

“I did considerable soul-searching before I decided to take responsibility for the case,” Emilio says. “I had never first-chaired a trial. All of us had thought from the beginning that the case was a long shot. The trial would pit the testimony of a convicted felon against that of 10 law enforcement officials, and there would be no video evidence of the beatings themselves, nor any corroborating testimony.

“But I felt that Mr. Jimenez had been victimized and beaten, and he deserved his day in court—even if we lost. So I had to try.”

After five years of work and a three-week jury trial, Emilio and his team prevailed: they were awarded compensatory and punitive damages against four of the defendants on behalf of Jimenez. The court also awarded Davis Wright Tremaine attorneys’ fees and costs. The final court order praised the “tenacious work” of Emilio and his team.

Public Counsel's Volunteer of the Year Award
In 2008, associate Karen Henry was honored for her work on the Early Care and Education Law Project, providing free legal assistance to existing and/or potential family child care providers and child care centers.

Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services
The 2006 award recognized associate Karen Henry for her contribution of more than 50 hours, devoted mainly to a difficult guardianship case.
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