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All citizens deserve a voice and representation. And all lawyers have an obligation to assist people and organizations that otherwise would have no access to the justice system.

We have embraced the American Bar Association’s challenge to law firms to commit three percent of their total firmwide billable hours to pro bono work, and have recently instituted a policy that all attorneys contribute at least 50 hours to pro bono work each year. In 2012 our Portland attorneys, paraprofessionals, and staff devoted a great deal of time to such projects, including 3,938 attorney hours, at a value of more than $1.3 million.

Our attorneys have a broad range of interests and political philosophies, and they are free to pursue their diverse interests within the guidelines of our pro bono program. These projects are often emotionally demanding and may even involve unpopular causes or clients. But they’re always rewarding.

Heart of Justice Award
The Davis Wright Tremaine Heart of Justice Award is presented each year to an associate who has exhibited exceptional pro bono commitment and performance. The recipient is selected each year from nominees put forward by the partner-in-charge from each of our offices. The recipient receives a commemorative trophy and the opportunity to direct a $1,000 donation to the legal services organization of his or her choice.

In 2012, this award was given to Alan Galloway in our Portland office. In his first year, Alan worked on a trademark issue for Mercy Corps, assisting a non-profit educational institution, and beginning an ongoing commitment to providing legal services at Outside In, a social service agency serving homeless youth in Portland, Oregon. The following year, he took on several additional clients, including work for the non-profit Mark’s Prairie Community Club and two projects on behalf of the ACLU of Oregon. In 2010, he continued work on behalf of the ACLU, ultimately prevailing on a matter contesting the legality of a proposed ballot initiative when the State of Oregon withdrew its appeal following briefing that Alan submitted to the Oregon Court of Appeals. In 2011, Alan provided 195 hours of pro bono service, managing a legal clinic at Outside In, working with the ACLU of Oregon to raise free expressions to a proposed bill in the Oregon Legislative Assembly that would have restricted free expression, and briefing the Court of Appeals as part of the continuing defense of anti-war protesters arrested for an overnight vigil on the Oregon Capitol steps. Alan also worked on two housing-related cases.

For more information about our pro bono programs, please contact Julie Orr, coordinator, Pro Bono & Public Service Committee.

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