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Admitted to Practice

  • Washington, 2003

Karen K. Russell

Of Counsel
Diversity Outreach Manager
Karen Russell is a corporate diversity and employment attorney in the labor and employment group and the firmwide manager of diversity initiatives.

Karen has extensive experience counseling companies on diversity and helping them develop “best practice” proactive strategies for managing inclusion, diversity and multicultural issues. She also assists companies in developing community relationships with prominent civil rights leaders, public officials and female opinion leaders. Karen helps employers create a positive work environment, boost productivity and resolve employment issues before they become lawsuits.

Karen recognizes that in today’s economy, smart employers recognize the need for diversity in the workplace. Fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and respect leads to increased employee satisfaction, productivity, customer loyalty and profits, and gives them an edge over the competition. Karen offers training and counseling to employers to help them create a respectful workplace. Karen is the proud daughter of NBA legend Bill Russell. HBO Sports named Bill “The Greatest Winner in the 20th Century,” and Karen incorporates his winning team leadership principles into her diversity training.

Inclusion, diversity and multicultural training

No doctor would write a prescription without a diagnosis, and neither should trainers. Karen’s training packages include: diagnostic analysis, training and follow-up. She recognizes that successful inclusion, diversity and multicultural training is not one size fits all. That is why she typically meets with clients in advance to discuss the program and ways to tailor the training to their specific needs.

Karen’s presentation style is dynamic, interactive and humorous, reflecting her current role as the on-air legal reporter for Seattle's No. 1 TV station, NBC’s King5, and as a nationally recognized speaker on diversity, politics and leadership.

Karen also frequently appears on CNN, Fox and MSNBC on shows like "Anderson Cooper 360" and "American Morning." She provided legal commentary on several high-profile cases and she also blogs on The Huffington Post, the country’s most popular "analysis and opinion" website.

Professional & Community Activities

  • Obama-Biden Transition Team on Justice and Civil Rights
  • Loren Miller Bar Association
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • Black Journalists Association of Seattle