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Health Care Business & Transactions

We recognize that health care facilities, non-institutional health care providers and others in the health care industry face numerous difficulties in today’s environment of extremely tight budgets and complex regulations. These difficulties have resulted in exponentially escalating costs; patient, customer and employee dissatisfaction; program or service cutbacks and cash flow problems.

We also recognize that many physicians are growing dissatisfied with the state of medical practice, including reimbursement limitations, overhead costs and many of the same problems also faced by institutional providers. Although formidable, the challenges facing our health care clients can be surmounted with a deep understanding of the issues combined with a broad level of experience and subject matter expertise.

Key areas in which we can support your organization include:

  • Antitrust
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Physician integration
  • Real estate 

Our interdisciplinary heath care transactions working group includes attorneys highly experienced in corporate matters and complex business transactions, as well as traditional health disciplines. Regardless of whether your organization is consolidating horizontally, integrating vertically or entering into a joint venture, we remain in the industry forefront—providing tailored, cutting-edge transactional services to our health care clients.

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