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Smart Grid

Smart grid: knowledge is power
A massive movement is afoot to upgrade aging electric grid infrastructure through the integration of information and communications technologies and tools. Enabled by two-way communications and information technology, the smart grid will deliver power more efficiently and reliably and with less waste. It will help us reduce our carbon footprint while increasing our energy independence and security.

Smart grid success
The smart grid depends on an effective working relationship among industries that have historically functioned worlds apart. Unregulated private sector enterprises are unaccustomed to the complex regulatory framework in which electric utilities and communications carriers conduct business and vice versa. The ability to anticipate and navigate regulatory and industry barriers is of critical importance to smart grid success.

Defining the elephant
In the fable of the blind men and the elephant, a group of men come upon an elephant, each encountering a different part of the body. Much disagreement and confusion ensues as the group struggles to reach consensus about what an elephant is. This fable has emerged as a popular metaphor for the smart grid, as the electric energy, telecommunications and technology industries converge at the smart grid intersection.

What sets us apart:

  • We know the law. Our smart grid team draws upon the expertise of our nationally recognized practices in energy communications, technology and IP. 
  • We speak the language. Our lawyers fluently translate the language of smart grid stakeholders—both regulated industries, as well as fast-moving technologies. 
  • We know the business. We create integrated strategies for executing sophisticated technology and energy transactions and advise independent power producers, and public and investor-owned utilities in developing generation and transmission resources. 
  • We’re getting things done. Our lawyers represent stakeholders in the national standards-setting effort for the smart grid. We have advised clients seeking billions of dollars in funding for smart grid-related projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Smart grid team
Davis Wright’s smart grid team draws upon the firm’s unique combination of industry leading experience working with communications providers, electric utilities, and technology companies. Members of our team have held senior positions in government and industry and are familiar faces where smart grid-related policy is being weighed and decided: in Congress, at the FCC, at FERC, at state PUCs, and at the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Treasury, and Justice.

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