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Tax: State & Local

State and local governments are cash-strapped and looking for ways to raise revenue. This puts companies at risk of incurring additional costs at a time when competition is fierce. It also makes it harder for companies operating in multiple states to keep up to date with changes and ensure they remain in compliance.

We advise companies of all sizes and corporate structures on state and local tax compliance and tax planning. We understand the state and local tax laws that affect all types of transactions and industries, from real estate to energy to communications to high tech. We have an especially strong focus in advising communications providers on the various facilities taxes that add up to a substantial portion of their customers’ bills.

Our team is made up of tax lawyers who focus their practices on the intricacies of tax law. This allows us to bring clients sophisticated advice both efficiently and responsively. Tax questions are usually time-sensitive, and our focus and experience enables us to respond quickly, even on complex or unusual issues.

We commit to being user-friendly and to understanding our clients’ businesses so we can provide advice in proper context. We speak our clients' language, not tax jargon, and are available and responsive at all times.

Recognized by Chambers USA