Ex-offenders face a painful irony: Their ability to secure employment, housing, and other sources of stability is critical to their successful reintegration into society, but securing these important achievements is incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible, when you have a criminal record. To help address this dilemma, DWT's Thomas Kim has been volunteering with Oregon Law Center's Project SCRUB (Scrubbing Criminal Records to Unlock Barriers), a monthly legal clinic in which low- income clients with criminal records get advice on their eligibility for expungement, as well as help in seeking it. "Alongside other volunteer attorneys, I help these community members get another chance at getting back on their feet," says Thomas. The managing lawyer at Oregon Law Center reports that Thomas "brings an amazing positive energy" to the clinic and that his gift for empathy "not only assists clients in completing a legal process that may otherwise seem insurmountable, but also provides the low-income community with a more positive opinion of the legal profession."