What do you mean by “diversity”?
Diversity at our firm means differences in nationality, religion, physical ability, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, job experience and education, as well as a broad array of personal experiences, backgrounds and histories. In short, it is all the things that make each of us unique and well positioned to serve our clients’ needs.

Why is diversity important to Davis Wright Tremaine?
Recognizing and leveraging our differences helps us retain highly talented individuals, provide the highest-quality client service, remain a good organizational citizen, and maintain a vibrant, creative work environment. A work environment that values our differences is essential to our firm’s success and to our individual careers.

Why does a law firm need to gather information about the ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation of its attorneys?
The National Association for Law Placement requests statistics on our firm’s demographic characteristics. Now, more than ever, law students are interested in the diversity of their potential employers. Diversity statistics can enhance our recruitment opportunities and retention efforts.

Clients are also interested in the diversity of our attorneys, including their gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Diversity can now make a difference in whether our firm is selected or retained as outside counsel, and in how effectively we work with our clients.

Do clients care about diversity?
Yes, our clients care about diversity. In fact, many now require us to report information about the diversity of attorneys working on their matters.