The FCC has released its tentative agenda for its next open meeting on April 21, 2010. The agenda identifies six potential items on the FCC’s plate related to the Broadband Plan. Specifically, the agenda indicates that the FCC plans to initiate the following proceedings at its April 21 meeting:

            (1) USF Reform NPRM and NOI

            (2) Mobile Roaming Order FNPRM

            (3) Network Gateway NOI

            (4) CableCARD NPRM

            (5) Broadband Network Survivability NOI

            (6) Cybersecurity Certification NOI


The agenda only provides brief, one-sentence summaries of what these proceedings will entail, so there is not too much to say for now. Please refer to DWT’s Advisory on the Broadband Plan for more further discussion of the Plan’s details and what you can expect in these proceedings.