The Commission has released its agenda for the April 21 open meeting (10:30 am, Room TW-C305).  The agenda mirrors the FCC's earlier tentative agenda released on March 31

According to the agenda, the Commission will consider six issues related to the Broadband Plan: (1) NOI and NPRM on USF reform, (2) Order on Reconsidation and FNPRM on mobile roaming arrangements for voice and broadband mobile services, (3) NOI on the availability of smart video devices for MVPD networks (ie, network gateways), (4) FNPRM on changes to the CableCARD rules, (5) NOI on broadband network survivability and security, and (6) NOI on establishing a cybersecurity certification program.  For more analyses on these and other broadband issues, please read our DWT Advisory on the Broadband Plan.