The FCC's April 21 open meeting was dominated by efforts to implement the National Broadband Plan.  Not surprisingly, the Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt all six agenda items that had already been announced on several occasions prior to today's meeting - USF Reform (NOI and NPRM, see also earlier blog post on these proceedings); Mobile Voice and Data Roaming (Order on Recon and FNPRM); Cable Gateways and CableCARD (NOI and FNPRM, see also the recently released DWT Advisory); Broadband Network Survivability (NOI); and Cyber Security Certification (NOI). 

Except for the only Order issued today (which eliminated the home exclusion to wireless roaming), the proceedings adopted by the Commissioners initiate (and in some cases, like CableCARD, re-ignite) proceedings to further develop the record in anticipation of future amendments and new rules.  Not explicitly laid out by the presenters during the meeting, however, but alluded to by the Commissioners, were the two big elephants in the room -- Title II and the ramifications of the Comcast case.  In particular, Commissioners Copps and McDowell acknowledged that questions regarding the FCC's jurisdiction over broadband would likely be a central focus in the FNPRM to consider extending roaming obligations to mobile broadband services. 

Indeed, that FNPRM specifically seeks comment on these issues, including the "significance, if any" of the Comcast case in this - and effectively all other - broadband proceedings.