Comment dates for the last of the FCC's National Broadband Plan agenda items from its April 21 open meeting have been set.  The "Smart Video Device" NOI, which seeks comment on the potential retail market for "smart set-top video devices" that would be compatible with all MVPD (including cable, satellite and telco) video services, was published in the Federal Register today.  Initial comments are due by July 13, 2010, and reply comments are due by August 12, 2010. 

Also published in today's Federal Register was the FNPRM that seeks to establish new "interim" CableCARD rules until the FCC's gateway regime emerges.  Comments for this FNPRM are due by June 14, 2010, and reply comments are due by June 28, 2010.

For further insight into the issues raised in these two proceedings, please read our DWT Advisory on the matter, or contact Brian Hurh for more information.