This is a reminder that the FCC will hold its next open meeting on Thursday, June 17.  As we noted earlier, and as confirmed by the Commission's recent Meeting Agenda released this past Friday, this open meeting is expected to be quite entertaining, as it is dedicated to discussing a Notice of Inquiry to initiate an "open, public process to consider possible legal frameworks for broadband Internet services in order to promote innovation and investment, protect and empower consumers, and bring the benefits of broadband to all Americans" -- in other words, reclassification of broadband services as telecommunications services to implement the Commission's National Broadband Plan.If you recall, last May, Chairman Genachowski released a statement indicating that, rather than reclassifying broadband services as telecommunications broadly, he would pursue a "third way approach" whereby only the "transmission components of broadband service" would be deemed telecommunications subject to select portions of Title II of the Communications Act.  This controversial approach will certainly be discussed at the June 17 meeting, in addition to any other proposals that the NOI may present.