Following its open meeting yesterday, the Commission released its tentative agenda for its next open meeting scheduled for October 14.  Among the three items to be addressed at the meeting is the Commission's adoption of a Third Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration that revises the FCC’s CableCARD rules with respect to "video navigation devices" for cable services.  As we discussed in depth in our earlier DWT Advisory, based on an NPRM released in April, the Commission is attempting to address perceived short-term CableCARD issues - including HD DTAs, SDV and tuning adapters, 1394 and other outputs, installation, pricing, and certification - before its longer-term gateway regime emerges.  For more background on CableCARD and other set-top box issues, see our DWT Advisory on the National Broadband Plan's proposals regarding navigation devices.

The other two items to be discussed at the October open meeting are an NPRM to address "bill shock" for unexpected wireless charges, and an NPRM for the proposed use of universal service funds to support investment of wireless networks in unserved areas.