CPUC Issues New Renewables Rulemaking Addressing SB 2X Implementation, RPS Changes, and Renewables Integration.

Check out our latest advisory.  This new rulemaking at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is about as broad as it gets and if there isn't something in there that affects you, then you aren't in the energy business (renewable or otherwise!)

As you probably recall, Senate Bill 2 of the 1st Extraordinary Session (SB 2X) required California retail electric providers to procure 33 percent of their energy from renewable resources by 2020. This rulemaking will address the ins and outs of making that happen, which of course means a lot of issues for those interested in the energy world to chew on and digest. But the Commission apparently decided that since they were biting off such a large chunk anyway, they might as well use this opportunity to also discuss more general issues with the landmark Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) including general compliance and reporting issues, as well the increasingly important topic of renewables integration.

Our advisory, while a little formal, tries to summarize the way these three broad issues (SB 2X, RPS compliance issues, and renewables integration) are addressed. Those wishing to influence the very scope of this rulemaking need to get involved now, as the first step in any rulemaking before the CPUC is to define the scope of the rulemaking into something a bit more manageable and to setup a schedule to achieve the expected outcomes.

Basically, with this rulemaking, its a good idea to get involved early so that you make sure that your specific issues are addressed in a meaningful way -- whether you are worried about what it means to have firm transmission, sell your Renewable Energy Credits, or have your energy bill reflect the costs associated with additional renewable energy as part of the overall mix.