The Environmental Protection Agency is extending the deadline for state, local, and tribal governments (and other governmental entities, and in some cases, non-profit organizations) to apply for Brownfields Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund and Cleanup (ARC) Grants.  The general intent of the ARC Grants is to provide communities with funding needed to clean and redevelop contaminated properties within their jurisdiction.  The Grants were also intended as a way to promote economic development within communities and to encourage and enable these governmental entities to create, preserve, and add to the parks, greenways and undeveloped property.  In 2012, the agency awarded $69.3 MM to 245 grantees, including tribes and communities in 39 states.  The cities of Eugene and Troutdale, Oregon and Kent and Bremerton, Washington were among the 2012 Grant recipients.  EPA’s new deadline for submission of Grant proposals is Monday, December 3, 2012.  Note, however, that applicants for these ARC Grants must provide notice to the communities at least two weeks prior to the proposal submission date.  This means any entities interested in submitting a proposal for fiscal year 2013 must provide public notice by Monday, November 19, 2012.  Links to further information about the ARC Grants and the submittal process can be found at: