By accepting the renewable procurement plans of the various California utilities, the Commission has authorized the utilities to issue Request for Offers ("RFOs") in mid-to-late December.   Shortlists must be submitted to the Commission in late March 2014. Importantly, shortlisted bidders are no longer restricted to negotiating with only one utility. Some bidding requirements have changed as well: 1) Bidders must have have completed the CAISO Generation Interconnection and Deliverability Procedures or the CAISO GIP Phase II studies (more restrictive than the previous requirement that the bidder have completed the CAISO GIP Phase I study). 2)Utilities may also now give preference to 1) larger projects (the 1.5 MW minimum was retained); 2) specific resources that fit their particular needs relating to location, delivery start dates, contract term and portfolio content. For more information about the latest bidding requirements and schedule, please contact a DWT energy attorney.