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Experience List
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Notable Legislative Accomplishments

  • Organized the Oregon Litigation Reform Coalition, which successfully lobbied a package of bills providing for reciprocity in attorney fee awards, prohibiting application of RICO in most business disputes unless a prior criminal conviction was obtained, changing standards for punitive damages awards, allocating 60 percent of those awards to the state, and abolishing the doctrine of joint and several liability replacing it with the doctrine of reallocation of most tort actions
  • Authored and lobbied for numerous sections of “Measure 50” and its implementing legislation reducing and limiting property taxes statewide
  • Authored and successfully lobbied “Right to Farm” legislation protecting agriculture from many nuisance and trespass suits as development moves closer to farming communities
  • Negotiated and successfully advocated legislation preempting local governments from imposing “conversion penalties” on HUD Section 8 landlords who convert to “free market” at completion of Section 8 programs
  • Authored and successfully lobbied adoption of the Oregon Ethics Reform Act and the Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission Amendments
  • Successfully lobbied adoption of legislation permitting public utilities to include in rates a return on undepreciated value of closed power plants
  • Authored and successfully lobbied Oregon’s “Environmental Cleanup Assistance Act” requiring Oregon law to apply to insurance policies on environmental claims and expanding definition of “suit” to include voluntary responses to environmental regulatory bodies
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation providing transition rules for owners of historic properties which experience property tax assessment “step ups” upon program renewal
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation exempting property used in egg production from property tax
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation providing immunity from suit for antifreeze manufacturers who add “bittering agents” to antifreeze products for safety
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation permitting both in-state and out-of-state residents “like-kind exchange” tax treatment for Oregon income tax purposes
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for 2003 Transition Amendments to the Environmental Cleanup Assistance Act permitting "all sums" recovery against non-settling insurers remaining as defendants in pending environmental insurance recovery cases
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation permitting certain aerial display fireworks companies to maintain their operations in exclusive farm use zones
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation creating Oregon's Willamette River Cleanup Authority to monitor the Portland Harbor Superfund RI/FS process and recommend whether the state should issue pollution control bonds to finance the cleanup
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation relieving developers of certain licensing requirements and permitting "down stream" suits to recover damages from subcontractors notwithstanding license status of developer
  • Successfully lobbied for legislation providing some regulatory oversight relating to SAIF Corporation
  • Lobbied numerous amendments for a variety of business clients
  • Authored and successfully lobbied for legislation exempting from property tax, interests out of state cities in the Pacific N.W. AC Intertie electrical transmission system
  • Successfully lobbied for legislation exempting religious schools from state oversight relating to degrees offered
  • Successfully lobbied for a variety of appropriations