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Los Angeles

The Los Angeles attorneys adhere to the firmwide Pro Bono Policy. We believe that people deserve legal representation, even if it’s unaffordable, and our attorneys volunteer themselves to provide it. Partners and associates dedicate their time and legal services to causes that they are passionate about. Our pro bono work has a lot of range and depth.

Author of Book About Mine Explosion Defeats Coal Company Subpoena of Her Notes 
In December 2015, our team won a decision from a magistrate judge in California denying the mine company’s motion to compel, on reporter’s privilege grounds.

Fighting Sex Trafficking
When Run 2 Rescue reached out to DWT late last year for legal help to assist their clients, who are victims of sex trafficking, Los Angeles partner Jennifer Brockett stepped right up.

In the months since establishing a relationship with the organization, she and Chrissy Roussell, Brett Leitner and Betsy Carroll have helped with several agreements, including a volunteer agreement that protects the confidentiality of their client information, and appeared for one of their clients at a criminal, post-conviction proceeding so that she did not have to appear and risk retaliation from her former trafficker.

LA Team Helps Salvadoran Family Seek Asylum
In 2015, DWT attorneys Michael Baldock and Brendan Charney assisted a young man seeking asylum from gang violence in El Salvador. When our client refused to join the infamous “MS-13” street gang, they beat him and threatened to kill him if he did not “disappear” or join the gang. The young client was forced to make a perilous journey to flee persecution by MS-13.

A decision on the asylum application currently is pending. Loring Rose also recently accepted representation of the client’s sister, who was also forced to flee from MS-13.

LA Partner Helps Protect Access to Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
Working with Disability Rights California (DRC) in 2015, Terri Keville has been advocating on behalf of people with developmental disabilities to obtain fair notice and access to services. California’s Lanterman Act imposes important requirements on regional centers concerning services provided to their developmentally disabled consumers.

After receiving numerous complaints that certain centers failed to comply with Lanterman Act requirements — such as providing timely, adequate notices of denial, reduction or termination of services; providing information and access to due process rights; arranging for services promptly; and providing required translations — the DRC has been working with Keville to advocate, negotiate and obtain very substantial positive changes in how regional service centers serve their consumers.
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