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Vincent X. Wang

Vincent Wang has in-depth experience in serving clients with business interests in China. He represents manufacturers and service provider clients in investment projects and business transactions. Vincent advises clients in a wide range of industries, including specialty and high technology product manufacture, agriculture, distribution, publication, media and entertainment, software, telecommunications, e-commerce and payment systems.

Vincent’s clients include: Amazon, ConAgra Foods, Microsoft, Ventyx Inc., ADP AutoDealer Services, TomTom, Airbiquity, U.S.-based global financial institutions, New York Times, Bloomberg News, Sesame Street, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Artnet, Consumer Products Report, Wagstaff, JF Schmidt, Eaton Corporation, Goodyear Tires and Starbucks Coffee.

Practice Highlights
Vincent has extensive experience counseling international clients in China. His services have included:
  • Advising international companies in their direct investments, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, antitrust, daily operational issues and dispute resolution
  • Counseling international companies in strategies of registering and protecting their intellectual property rights
  • Conducts anti-bribery training and investigation
  • Acting as legal counsel for international telecomm service providers in their investments and commercial projects for cloud computing, technology licensing, and eCommerce
  • Assisting international media and entertainment companies in content licensing, in TV and movie production projects, in book publication and in online content distribution, as well as libel litigation
  • Advising international foods manufacturers and farming companies in new variety registration, farmland contracting, growers farming, foods processing, foods additive and GMO regulation, product registration and labelling regulation, and product distribution
  • Acting as legal counsel for international consumer products manufacturers and franchisers in their online and physical store and chain store distribution and franchising projects
  • Assisting Chinese companies with investments, litigation and arbitration in the United States

Representative Experience

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition

Acquisition of Chinese company with one of the top potato processing facility based in Inner Mongolia, China. (2014)

Ecommerce, Payment and Financial Service

Offshore RMB and currency exchange

Advised international clients about new regulation on offshore RMB and foreign exchange. (2014)


Advised one US company on its online store establishment and operation in China. (2012-2014)

Payment processing

Advised two US companies in their payment related contracts with the local banks and payment processors. (2014)

Payment processing

Advised two US companies on their contemplated ecommerce business in China regarding payment processing offering. (2010-2011)

Telecom and Technology

Technology transaction

Advised foreign companies in their online applications and could computing business. (2014)

Telematics system

Advised one reputable US telematics company for its telematics system integration and licensing transactions in China. (2014)

Nuclear station operation software system licensing

Represented a U.S. software operation system provider in preparation and negotiation with China domestic nuclear station company of a system licensing contract. (2011)

Media and Entertainment

Online and book content production, publication and distribution

Advised foreign publication companies for content licensing, audio and video products production, book publication, and traditional channel and online distribution. (2014)

Animation Co-production

Advised one reputable US animation company in its technology licensing and co-production transaction in China. (2014)

Media libel litigation

Advised an internationally renowned media company defending two libel lawsuits in China. (2011-2014)

Production and publication cooperation

Advised two reputable non-profit media publication companies about their respective business models of China content offering. (2011)

Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Agriculture products importation and distribution

Advised a reputable US tree wholesaler to introduce new variety trees into China and distribute the trees in China. (2014)

Farming land, growers and output purchase

Advised US agriculture companies in farmland contracting, growers contract and output acquisition agreement. (2014)

General farming operation

Advised a reputable U.S. food company in its contemplated agriculture farming operation in China. (2011-2014)

Auto Network

Auto-dealer management software

Advised a US auto dealer service company in its software licensing to auto dealers in China. (2012-2014)

GPS hardware and mapping application for auto vehicles

Advised one EU telematics service providers for its mapping service in China. (2012)

New energy technology for auto vehicles

Represented a US Fortune 500 company in preparation and negotiations of vehicle hybrid drive system sales contracts with China domestic passenger vehicle manufacturers. (2011)

China Outbound Investment

China outbound investment

Advised a major Chinese bank on its financial lending to support acquisition by a Chinese State owned company of a U.S. company. (Ongoing)

Additional Qualifications

  • Legal Consultant, Gleiss Lutz Hootz Hirsch, Shanghai representative office
  • Attorney at Law, Allbright Law Offices, Shanghai

Professional & Community Activities

  • All China Lawyers Association (inactive)
  • China State Trademark Agent Qualification
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