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Cloud Services

Organizations of all types, in all industries, rely heavily on technology and software to run their operations effectively. Even "non-technology" companies must invest significant time and expense on integrating technology into every level of their operations, and increasingly this integration involves the utilization of cloud services. Consequently, businesses must develop and manage a complex web of agreements to purchase, license or develop and subsequently implement the services they need. On the other hand, software and technology providers must work with their customers to best meet those clients' varied business requirements and, at the same time, protect their intellectual property and competitive advantage.

As businesses shift to cloud-based technologies, rather than on-premises implementations, the legal issues and requirements shift as well. Having mission critical databases and applications operated offsite by service providers can raise concerns for businesses, customers and regulators. Working with experienced counsel who can guide you through both the business and technology implications of various decisions and strategies adds significant value to these core business activities, particularly as the issues—including privacy and security, regulatory compliance, and IP protection—surrounding the provision and procurement of cloud services become increasingly complex.

We help clients negotiate and document the purchase, license, development and implementation, and integration of software and technology. We handle agreements for "software as a service" (SaaS), cloud computing, and outsourcing – together with related hardware and software purchases, custom systems, telecommunications services, and onsite implementation services.

We have extensive experience working with industry leaders worldwide on social networking, digital media, Internet, and mobile technology transactions. We deal with issues created by these technologies that have strategic business implications including data rights and continuity of business operations.

The services we commonly provide include:

  • SaaS, cloud computing, hosted services, and other technology service agreements
  • Cloud services privacy policies and terms of use
  • Development agreements
  • Support and maintenance agreements
  • Electronic transactions and electronic and mobile payment systems agreements
  • Sales representative, reseller and other distribution agreements
  • Outsourcing, warehousing and data transfer and storage agreements
  • Consulting and services agreements
  • Application development, search engine optimization and hosting agreements