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Communications Facilities & Properties

Our real estate lawyers have decades of experience working with and in the communications-related industries and have developed strong relationships and reputations on a national level. We are skilled at helping national and regional communications businesses, including wireless, cable, fiber optic, land line, and owners of structures hosting such facilities with a broad spectrum of issues (along with associated due diligence, such as title and environmental issues), including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements and associated documentation
  • Leases, licenses and easements pertaining to developed and undeveloped land for an extensive variety of communication facilities
  • In-building systems
  • Distributed antenna systems (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Office, call center, switching center, retail, and warehouse purchase and leasing

We represent a diverse range of national communications service providers and users of communication-oriented structures and buildings with the acquisition and disposition of their real estate assets and deployment of nationwide and regional networks – by addressing related transactions and associated title and environmental due diligence, land use, and dispute resolution/litigation.

Our attorneys are experienced in addressing communications issues for a variety of property types, including:

  • Urban, suburban and rural undeveloped ground space
  • Water tanks and other utility structures
  • Antenna support structures
  • Pole attachment, franchise and public rights-of-way locations
  • Building façade and rooftop spaces
  • Airports
  • Federal and state forest service lands
  • Government owned land, buildings, and structures
  • Office, retail, and warehouse buildings or spaces
  • Native American tribal lands
  • Resort property

Land use

  • Zoning, subdivision, land use and environmental due diligence
  • Land use permits and variances including representing clients before governmental bodies at contested and other public hearings
  • Drafting and negotiating ordinances that affect communication facilities 
    Federal and state court appeals of land use permit denials and the defense of such appeals that are adverse to our client’s interests
  • Pole attachment and rights-of-way access permits and agreements pertaining to communication facility locations
  • Cable and fiber optic project municipal franchises and rights-of-way permits


  • Siting and deployment issues in state and federal courts
  • Commercial litigation, including dispute resolution pertaining to leasing, ownership and other real property interests, including title and environmental conditions