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Copyright counseling
News organizations, entertainment companies, advertisers, publishers and individuals consult us every day for advice on copyright issues as they create and market new works and find new ways to use their works with new technologies. Because of our years of experience representing a wide variety of organizations – in print, television, film, new media, music, performance, architecture and design – we can provide advice that suits the practical realities of our clients’ businesses. Our clients in print and electronic media often need expert advice on deadline. We also work closely with our clients on long-range projects to develop, distribute and protect their work in the United States and around the world.

Copyright registration and chain-of-title review
We regularly assist clients in registering their works with the Copyright Office and in addressing chain-of-title and other copyright-ownership issues. Where a client prefers to handle registrations in-house, we prepare model documents and periodically review and update them to reflect changes in the law or in the client's operations.

Copyright transactions
We represent and advise our clients in a wide range of transactions, helping them protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property and form collaborative relationships to create new works. Our licensing expertise extends from print and broadcast media to video games, toys, theater, film, new media, software, technology, advertising, architecture, and merchandising. We represent leading news and entertainment organizations, advertisers and technology companies in transactions large and small, and we also work with emerging companies and many successful authors, artists, composers, designers, and their heirs. We help clients formulate their overall copyright protection strategies, bringing to each new transaction the experience we have gained over many years representing licensors and licensees of properties of all kinds.

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