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Copyright Litigation

Our copyright litigators have been integrally involved in some of the most significant recent developments in copyright law, including litigation over file-sharing services for music and film, and the use of works by freelance contributors in digital versions of periodicals, the scope of immunity under the DMCA, the emerging body of law regarding infringement of architectural works, the intersection of copyright and the First Amendment, and transnational litigation involving global copyright infringements.

Our practice spans many industries. In addition to regular litigation over questions of preemption, infringement and fair use, we led the way in addressing novel issues such as the scope of protection for compilations and unpublished works, the scope of copyright restoration, renewal rights, database protection, new technologies clauses in licensing and sales agreements, reverse engineering, and the application of the principles of contributory infringement, vicarious liability, and inducement to infringe to the Internet and emerging technologies.

Our broad-based copyright counseling practice complements our litigation practice and enhances our ability to litigate effectively. Our experience in litigation informs the advice we provide to our clients on their creative work, and our ongoing counseling gives us a clear understanding of the importance of copyright issues to each client’s overall business. That understanding, in turn, enhances our capacity to resolve disputes to help clients choose their battles and resolve issues without litigation when that option makes the most business sense.

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