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Employment Counseling

Davis Wright’s counseling services are characterized by efficient, practical advice designed to help you achieve your goals while minimizing risks. Our attorneys track evolving national, state, and local laws and regulations and keep clients informed through regular advisories and seminars.

We help employers implement human resources, payroll, and operational policies and practices to keep their organizations moving forward and minimize risk and distraction, including advising on:

  • Medical leaves of absence, reasonable accommodation, interactive process, and related disability discrimination and retaliation issues
  • Wage and hour issues, including meal and rest period compliance, and mitigating class action litigation risks
  • Implementing performance improvement plans and minimizing risk related to terminations of employment
  • Corporate restructuring and reductions in force
  • Sexual harassment intervention and providing top notch mandatory prevention training
  • Handbook development and implementation
  • Workplace investigations and formulating plans for corrective action plans

We also offer customized training programs for our clients in a variety of areas. We supplement our counseling and training programs with seminars, electronic alerts on emerging issues and developments, and flash webinars on matters of immediate importance.

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