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Health Care Finance

We provide sophisticated, industry-specific finance assistance through integrating health care regulatory attorneys with the firm’s large corporate finance practice group. Collectively, this enables us to provide customized counsel to assist our clients in a wide variety of transactions. In addition to serving both lenders and borrowers in loan and other debt-related transactions, we frequently represent issuers, underwriters, investors and institutions on all matters relating to publicly traded securities. We have an extensive municipal finance practice, which includes lawyers well-versed in public finance matters of all kinds. We have served as bond counsel on virtually every type of municipal obligation in numerous states, with the size of issuance up to several hundred million dollars.

Additionally, the attorneys in our tax-exempt financing working group frequently serve as borrower’s counsel in tax-exempt financings for health care facilities. As part of their services, they actively work with clients in focusing and limiting regulatory due diligence, holding down transactional costs and minimizing operational disruption.

In addition to our financing expertise, our attorneys frequently work with clients that are financially distressed and require assistance in restructuring debt, obtaining forbearance from creditors, or in liquidating, if desirable. In these instances, we help minimize instability and preserve value by working with clients to provide resourceful and proactive counsel.

Key areas in which we can assist your organization include:

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