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Internet & E-Commerce

In a very short time, Internet and e-commerce business strategies have evolved from concept to a novelty to a core part of every company’s strategy. Our lawyers have been there from the beginning and continue to stay involved with every new development, working with clients as the technology and law develops to help advance clients’ business objectives.

Our lawyers know and love technology. We commit to offering practical and timely advice, and we staff work efficiently, matching the right level of attorney experience to the needs of the project. We help all types of Internet and e-commerce companies, from companies that solely provide services on the Internet to those companies for which the Internet and e-commerce are just one part of their operations.

We work with clients on the full range of issues that faces companies operating on a global network, including website and online services development and review, hosted services, digital media and multimedia offerings, content licensing, software licensing, privacy and security, trademarks and domain names, financial transactions, advertising, telecommunications and infrastructure, and complex litigation.

As one of the nation’s leading media and communications law firms, we have particular experience working with publishers, film producers, video game publishers, television networks, cable operators and broadcasters in Internet and e-commerce matters. We also counsel clients throughout the telecommunications industry, from wireless and wireline carriers to equipment manufacturers on matters ranging from the wireless Web, SMS programs, and VoIP rollouts to joint marketing programs, wireless content distribution, and infrastructure management. These clients rely on us to help them reach the best overall business solution by integrating critical issues that often involve both distribution and content concerns.

Leveraging advertising, sponsorship and e-commerce opportunities is critical to a website’s survival. We have extensive experience with online advertising agreements, joint marketing agreements, data analysis agreements, online sponsorship agreements and other marketing arrangements. We also have experience providing e-commerce-related support, including sales agent and reseller agreements, commission sales arrangements, barter agreements, and other arrangements for the online sale of goods and services.

In today’s global networked environment, ensuring that a company’s infrastructure and operations are properly organized and secured is critical. We regularly negotiate agreements for all of a client’s back-end needs, including data storage, network monitoring, customer support, payment processing, warehousing, outsourcing and fulfillment.

With increasing concerns about privacy, you need lawyers who know how to apply the privacy laws to your online operations. We draft privacy policies and terms of use for our clients’ websites. We also provide advice on COPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, European privacy and data protection laws, Canadian data privacy laws, and spam and data breach laws. We closely track FTC and FCC developments related to privacy.

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