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We help employers that have unions, may face a union or are acquiring an entity that has a union. Our labor team will work in the trenches with your executives, helping your organization maintain the flexibility you need to thrive. We will master your industry environment and operational needs so our advice can be tailored to help you achieve your business goals. Unlike some law firms, we believe our labor practice is an important service to our clients and continue to invest heavily in developing our depth and capabilities.

We serve employers in a broad range of industries and have particularly extensive experience in the health care, media, hospitality and distribution industries. These are industries where the entire firm is strong, which helps us bring a comprehensive perspective to your needs.

We provide the full range of labor services, including:

Union avoidance: We conduct vulnerability audits, training and personnel policy assessments to best position you so your employees will not feel a need to seek union representation.

Organizing campaigns and election petitions: We work on-site with employers from the beginning of the process to the end. We advise managers and supervisors on proper conduct that complies with NLRB or state agency rules, and counsel on strategy. We also engage with the NLRB or state agency to determine who is eligible to vote and the logistics of any election.

Collective bargaining negotiations: For unionized employers, we negotiate collective bargaining agreements. Our knowledge of your organization and industry is a real asset because we will understand which negotiating points are most important for your operational needs and business goals.

Grievance resolution and arbitration defense: We work with unionized employers to efficiently resolve grievances at the earliest appropriate stage. If circumstances and/or employer strategy call for an arbitrator’s involvement, we have the experience necessary to take matters through hearing and decision.

Unfair labor practice charge proceedings: We help employers develop long-term strategies to minimize unfair labor practice charges. However, when charges are filed, we defend employers in proceedings. When circumstances warrant, we work with employers to file and pursue unfair labor practice charges against unions who act contrary to principles of good faith bargaining and legal requirements.

Strike planning and prevention: An employer will gain significant leverage in negotiations if it can maintain effective operations during a strike. We help clients plan and implement activities to keep business going, from bringing in temporary workers to managing relations with customers who may be affected by production or service cutbacks. We help ensure that picketers comply with regulations, and we seek injunctions if they engage in misconduct or improperly disrupt operations. We also help coordinate outreach to key stakeholders, including government officials, the media and the public.

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