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Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights

Associated Grocers Inc.

Representing former large wholesale grocery distributer in wind down and liquidation of business. (Ongoing)

Bankruptcy proceeding for Educational Media Foundation

Representing a station owner and creditor in several radio station bankruptcies in acquiring stations and protecting secured claims. (Ongoing)

Cascade International Foods v. Transpacific Food

Representing berry broker in collection dispute under PACA with large customer. (Ongoing)

Fisher Farms

Representing lender in obtaining a receiver and liquidating a large commercial nursery in Oregon which secures a $16 million loan.(Ongoing)

In re AmericanWest Bancorp

Representing Starbuck Bancshares in Chapter 11 proceedings of AmericanWest Bancorp, including acquisition of AmericanWest Bank in Section 363 sale. (Ongoing)

In re AMR Corp.

Representing Alaska Airlines Inc. in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings of American Airlines. (Ongoing)

In re Big Nevada LLC

Representing Canadian receiver in Chapter 15 proceedings involving several operating casinos in Washington state. (Ongoing)

In re Borders Books Group, Inc.

Representing Seattle's Best Coffee in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings of Borders Group, Inc. and its affiliates. (Ongoing)

In re Gregg Appliances, Inc. et al.

Representing the issuer of private-label credit card in connection with the bankruptcy of an appliance retailer. (Ongoing)

In re Impex Development, LLC

Representation of defendant in action brought by the trustee for Impex. (Ongoing)

In re Limited Stores Co., et al.

Representing a financial institution with respect to bankruptcy of clothing retailer. (Ongoing)

In re Plum TV, Inc.

Representing secured noteholders in Chapter 11 proceedings of Plum TV, Inc., including in connection with Section 363 sale. (Ongoing)

In re Sports Authority Holdings, Inc., et al.

Represented landlords in connection with the Chapter 11 case of a national sporting-goods retailer. (2016)

Loan workout and collection for national and local banks; asset-based lenders

Representation of banks and asset-based lenders in numerous workouts, forbearance agreements and UCC foreclosures. (Ongoing)

PNC Bank, N.A.

Defending national bank in numerous lawsuits relating to foreclosures and lender liability claims, including defense of class action lawsuit relating to recording fees. (Ongoing)

Representation of financial institution in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filed by real estate entity

Represented a financial institution in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed by this real estate entity. After obtaining appointment of a trustee, drafted and obtained confirmation of a creditor's liquidating plan of reorganization. (Ongoing)

Russell Cranberry Company

Representing lender in obtaining a receiver and foreclosing on a commercial cranberry farm securing a $2 million loan. (Ongoing)

In re Door to Door Storage, Inc.

Represented a bank in connection with reorganization of a Washington company. (2017)

Bankruptcy litigation for major retailer

Represented major retailer in complex litigation across bankruptcy court, state court, and arbitration. (2016)

Forza, LLC receivership

Represented secured creditor in receivership of local coffee shop chain. (2016)

In re RS Legacy Corp. f/k/a RadioShack Corp., et al.

Successfully defended client against avoidance claims asserted by the liquidating trustee for creditors of RadioShack. (2016)

In re THQ, Inc., et al.

Represented technology company in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of game publisher THQ, Inc. and its affiliates. (2016)

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Redden Marine Supply, Inc.

Represented a multi-national seafood business in the acquisition of certain assets of Redden Marine Supply. (2016)


Represented lenders in several dairy bankruptcies and workouts. (2005-2015)

In re City of Stockton

Representation of creditor in connection with the Chapter 9 bankruptcy case of Stockton, Calif. (2015)

In re Dungeness Development Associates, Inc.

Representation of a creditor in a case commenced as an involuntary Chapter 7 petition. (2015)

In re Edra D. Blixseth

Represented Chapter 7 trustee for the bankruptcy estate of Edra D. Blixseth, a former owner of the Yellowstone Mountain Club in Montana. (2015)

In re KSL Media, Inc., et al.

Defended a client against a substantial preference claim. (2015)

In re Source Home Entertainment, LLC, et al.

Representation of publisher in connection with the bankruptcy of a major wholesale distributor. (2015)

Cappello Capital Corp. v. AmericanWest Bank, et al.

Represented through dismissal appellee bank in appeal brought by an investment banking firm concerning professional services provided in connection with a structured sale through bankruptcy. (2014)

In re Altrec, Inc.

Representation of bidder for assets of sporting equipment company, which included negotiation of substantial post-bankruptcy financing agreement. (2014)

In re Idaho Bancorp

Representation of bidder for assets of an Idaho bank. (2014)

In re LLS America, LLC

Representation of various defendants in fraudulent transfer actions commenced against them by the bankruptcy estate. (2014)

Stellar J Corp. v. Applied Filter Technology, Inc., et al.

Representation of lender in intercreditor dispute. (2014)

In re AES Eastern Energy, L.P.

Representation of an electrical system operator in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of AES Eastern and its affiliates. (2013)

In re American Airlines, Inc., et al.

Representation of clients in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of American Airlines, Inc., and its affiliates. (2013)

In re Cascade Ag Services, Inc.

Representation of bidder in Section 363 sale of assets of agricultural products manufacturer. (2013)

In re Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP

Advice to equipment lessor on an objection to the lessor’s claim and a threatened preference action. (2013)

In re Dynegy Holdings, Inc., et al.

Representation of an electrical system operator in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Dynegy Holdings, Inc., and its affiliates. (2013)

In re Lindqust

Representation of landlord in the Chapter 11 case of a tenant’s guarantor. (2013)

In re TC Global, Inc.

Representation of bidder for assets of TC Global, Inc., which operated Tully's cafes. (2013)

Representation of financial institution in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filed by real estate entity

Represented a financial institution in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed by this entity, which owns a rock quarry. Prevented approval of the debtor's motion to sell the client's collateral, free and clear of liens, on very unfavorable terms; plan of reorganization, with substantially improved payment terms, is about to be confirmed. (2013)

Banner Bank v. Jarman Hothi

Represented bank in receivership, non-judicial foreclosure, and related bankruptcy proceeding by commercial borrower. (Spokane Cty. Sup. Ct. & E. D. Wash. 2012)

Creditor representation in Chapter 11 proceedings for Tri Cities Fast Lube

Represented franchisor and lender in Chapter 11 reorganization of Tri Cities Fast Lube, Santa Barbara, Calif. (2012)

Firestone v. Judge et al.

Represented mortgagee in adverse possession lawsuit. Obtained stipulated dismissal on favorable terms. (2012)

Gap Funding v. Oak Hill Roofing Co.

Represented plaintiff in breach of contract action, leading to advantageous settlement. (2012)

GE Comm’l Fin. Bus. Prop. Corp. v. Huey & Fong; In re Huey & Fong Trust; In re Kenneth Huey Family Trust, In re Huey & Fong

Defended servicing company of national finance company in bankruptcy dispute and related adversary proceedings and lawsuits. Obtained dismissal of bankruptcy cases within two months of filing; defended client in multiple litigation and adversary proceedings; negotiated recovery of all collateral and proceeds. (Bankr. W.D. Wash. 2009-2012)

In re Borders Group, Inc., et al.

Representation of Seattle's Best Coffee LLC in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Borders Group, Inc. and its affiliates. (2012)

In re Consolidated Meridian Funds

Representation of investors in the consolidated Meridian Fund bankruptcy cases. (2012)

In re Evergreen Gaming Corp., et al.

Representation of Grant Thornton Limited as receiver and foreign representative in Chapter 15 cases involving several operating casinos in Washington. (2012)

In re MF Global, Inc., et al.

Representation of various parties with claims against large defunct commodities firm. (2012)

In re Pollo West Corp.

Represented primary secured lender in multi-location franchise restaurant bankruptcy in Los Angeles. Negotiated 100 percent payment under plan. (2011-2012)

In re Snokist Growers

Representation of growers with claims against bankrupt fruit distributor. (2012)

Meadowdale Plaza borrowers

Represented major financial institution in connection with receivership, non-judicial foreclosure and subsequent bankruptcy proceedings by borrowers. (2012)

Serenity at Juanita Owners Association v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

Represented defendant in quiet title action related to foreclosure of condominium unit under RCW 64.34.364. Obtained favorable settlement. (2012)

Washington Federal v. David Edelstein & Greenbriar Construction Corp.

Represented bank in five related lawsuits involving approximately $25 million of commercial loans acquired from FDIC, resulting in favorable global settlement. (Whatcom Cty. Sup. Ct. 2012)

Witt Co. v. Collaborative Community Education

Represented plaintiff in contract dispute. Successfully defended motion to dismiss and obtained judgment for plaintiff. (2012)

In re Circuit City Stores, Inc., et al.

Representation of major publishing company in a preference action brought by the Circuit City liquidating trust. (2011)

In re Coast Crane, Inc.

Represented secured lenders of Coast Crane in Chapter 11 proceedings of Coast Crane, Inc. including Section 363 sale process. (2011)

In re Columbia Mega Storage

Represented City National Bank in contested hearings to recover commercial warehouse facilities and subsequent foreclosure. (Bankr. W.D. Wash. 2011)

In re Contessa Premium Foods

Represented major secured lender in successful bankruptcy sale of large Los Angeles seafood processor, resulting in 100 percent payment. (2011)

In re Han

Represented Zions Bank as principal secured creditor in bankruptcy of owners and operators of Comfort Inn in Fairbanks. (2011)

In re ITI Internet Services, Inc.

Representation of financial institution in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy of a credit card processor. (2011)

In re Nortel Networks, Inc.

Represented Microsoft in successful bid for block of internet address numbers in Delaware bankruptcy sale. (2011)

Royal Group, Inc. – Weathervane Windows LLC Receivership

Represented creditor in receivership proceedings including objection to sale of assets. (2011)

Seattle Four Seasons project restructuring

Represented equity owners in restructuring secured debt and resolving construction litigation claims related to the Four Seasons project in Seattle. (2011)

Suncadia Resort

Represented JELD-WEN, Inc. in connection with disposition of its interest in Suncadia Resort. (2011)

Groshong v. Sapp, et al.

Obtained favorable settlement for debtor Layne Sapp on preference and fraudulent transfer claims. (Bankr. W.D. Wash. 2010)

In re Cascade Grains, Inc.

Represented agent bank for senior loan syndicate in Chapter 11 bankruptcy of large grain ethanol plant. (2009-2010)

In re CIT Group, Inc., et al.

Representation of major technology company with financing contracts with affiliates of CIT Group in connection with the CIT Group bankruptcy. (2010)

In re McGrath’s Publick Fish House

Represented major secured lender in multi-location restaurant bankruptcy in Oregon and Washington. (2010)

In re PLVTZ, Inc., et al.

Representation of newspaper publisher in a preference action brought by the PLVTZ Chapter 7 trustee. (2010)

In re Pope & Talbot, Inc., et al.

Representation of various Canadian companies in preference actions brought by the Chapter 7 trustee for Pope & Talbot. (2010)

In re Qimonda Richmond, LLC

Represented consultant to debtor in sale of 300MM semi-conductor facility located in Richmond, Va. (Bankr D. Del. 2010)

In re Farmington Center Salem

Represented senior lender to skilled nursing facility in contested Chapter 11. Filed and confirmed a joint creditor plan and resolved claim objections. Client paid in full through refinance under confirmed plan. (Bankr. Or. 2009)

In re Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., et al.

Representation of major regional independent system operator in connection with Lehman's Chapter 11 cases. (2009)

In re Mastro

Representation of secured creditor of Michael Mastro in Mastro's Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. (2009)

Bankruptcy and tax code issues for major communications company

Represented the liquidating trustee of a major telecommunications company in potential litigation and ensuing negotiations involving complex bankruptcy and tax code issues that led to favorable confidential settlement. (2008)

Bankruptcy financing for commercial finance company

Represented the provider of $14 million in lease and secured finance deals throughout a contentious bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy workout. (2008)

Credit arrangement for national banking association

Provided a workout of commercial credit arrangement regarding debt in excess of $3.2 million. (2008)

Loan transaction for national banking association

Extended maturity date of a forbearance loan and modified corresponding loan agreement in order to facilitate further advance of $1.4 million toward development of real property. (2008)

In re: Adelphia Communications Corporation

Litigated a variety of contract claims against Adelphia in what was at the time the largest domestic bankruptcy. (2006)

In re Pappas Telecasting, Inc.

Represented the Trustee in Bankruptcy as special communications counsel in the bankruptcy of Pappas Telecasting Companies, handling all regulatory representation of 25 television stations, assignment of stations' licenses, and other communications issues relating to the wind-up of the bankruptcy estate.

Inventory liquidation for national bank

Represented a national bank in the negotiation and documentation of workout agreements with seafood processor and major secured creditors in connection with liquidation of inventory and equipment securing multimillion-dollar loans.

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors v. Fatburger Directors and Officers

Represented eleven individual officers and directors sued as defendants for “insider” claims in eight separate adversary cases maintained by Chapter 7 trustee in the Fatburger bankruptcy cases, USBD CD CA. (Settled)
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