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Advising leading health care insurance providers on China's regulatory matters and on corporate acquisition in pursuing China market entry. (Ongoing)

China outbound investment

Advised a major Chinese bank on its financial lending to support acquisition by a Chinese State owned company of a U.S. company. (Ongoing)

Financial transactions

Representing leading a Chinese bank in various types of financial transactions, including credit facility establishment, film financing, real estate acquisition financing, leveraged buyout financing, construction financing, and municipal bond rate-enhancing LC.

IPO for glue manufacturer*

Advised in an A-share IPO for a major glue manufacturer in Suzhou, China. (Ongoing)

IPO for real estate company*

Advised in an H-share IPO for a renowned real estate agent company. (Ongoing)

IPO for tax information management company*

Advised in an A-share IPO for a tax information management company in Tianjin, China. (Ongoing)

IPO for technology company*

Advised in an A-share IPO for an environment protection technology company in Wuhan, China. (Ongoing)

Joint venture

Representing a leading Midwest machinery manufacturer in negotiation and documentation for a strategic joint-venture investment project in Hunan Province.

Media libel litigation

Advised an internationally renowned media company defending two libel lawsuits in China. (2011-2014)

Purchase of equity interest for manufacturing company and merger control filings

Advising the world’s biggest bakery products supplier with respect to its proposed acquisition of China’s largest lactic acid manufacturer and on merger control and security review filings. (Ongoing)

Strategic alliance with joint venture option

Representing a major Chinese air transportation entity in forming a strategic alliance with the leading courier and flight service providers in a startup logistics business with the option of converting the business into a joint venture in the U.S. (Ongoing)

Foreign direct investment in China*

Advised on incorporation of several WFOEs for many renowned international companies, covering commodity trading, transportation, and medical device industries. (2016)

Joint venture*

Represented a global coffee grinding solutions provider in negotiation and documentation for a strategic joint-venture investment project in Jiangsu Province. (2016)

Purchase of equity interest for auto environmental testing company*

Advised leading producers of standard testing chambers and systems for environmental simulation, stability testing, and emission testing worldwide, on its acquisition of an environmental testing company in Beijing. (2015)

Purchase of equity interest for manufacturing company

Advised a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients, offering a complete portfolio of solutions for the global health science industry, in its purchase of equity interest from a pharmaceutical manufacture in Chongqing, China. (2015)

Seasoned equity offering*

Advised a world-renowned luxury brand on its capital increase with cross-border RMB funds equivalent to 10 million euros. (2015)


Advised a global medical device company on its acquisition of a leading Chinese medical device company in Henan province. (2014)


Advised a leading international manufacturer of chemical products for the foundry industry on its acquisition of a clay industrial minerals company in Liaoning province. (2014)

Agriculture products importation and distribution

Advised a reputable US tree wholesaler to introduce new variety trees into China and distribute the trees in China. (2014)


Advised one US company on its online store establishment and operation in China. (2012-2014)

General farming operation

Advised a reputable U.S. food company in its contemplated agriculture farming operation in China. (2011-2014)

Online and book content production, publication and distribution

Advised foreign publication companies for content licensing, audio and video products production, book publication, and traditional channel and online distribution. (2014)

Telematics system

Advised one reputable US telematics company for its telematics system integration and licensing transactions in China. (2014)

Acquisition for pharmaceutical company*

Advised a renowned Hong Kong pharmaceutical company in its acquisition of two domestic pharmaceutical factories located in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province in China. (2013)

Note offering*

Advised in a $2 billion medium term note program for a Hong Kong listed company. (2013)

Note offering*

Advised in a $2 billion medium term note program for a Hong Kong listed company. (2013)

Acquisition for advertisement company*

Advised a renowned Korean advertisement company in its acquisition of a Shanghai market planning company. (2012)

Acquisition of rice processing enterprise*

Advised a Japanese company in its purchase of part of the equity interest of one of the largest domestic rice processing enterprises in northeastern China. (2012)

FCPA investigation*

Advised a NASDAQ listed world leading testing and sensing solutions provider in its internal FCPA investigations of its China sales entities. (2012)

Formation of a food company joint venture*

Advised a Fortune 100 energy, grains, and foods company in the establishment of an agriculture products leasing joint venture with a domestic state-owned company in Nantong, China. (2012)

GPS hardware and mapping application for auto vehicles

Advised one EU telematics service providers for its mapping service in China. (2012)

Purchase of equity interest for health service provider*

Advised a Fortune 100 U.S. health service provider in the acquisition of a Chinese domestic company. (2012)

Banking facility transactions*

Advised several international and Chinese banks in their banking facility transactions. (2011)

Computer hardware manufacturing and distribution

Assisted U.S. computer hardware companies to contract with Chinese manufacturers to produce hardware products for distribution globally and within China. (2011)

E-commerce commercial contracts

Assisted U.S. internet retailer and on-line mall operator to contract for credit card payment and disbursement service providers and other commercial arrangements for operation of e-commerce business in China. (2011)

Expo 2010 for foreign governments*

Advised several countries in various issues relating to their respective pavilions in Expo 2010 Shanghai, including but not limited to the construction, contractual disputes and sale of the pavilions. (2011)

Finance company for manufacturing group*

Advised a domestic leading heavy machinery manufacturing group in its incorporation of a finance company. (2011)

Foreign direct investment

Advised multiple U.S. health insurance providers on the insurance regulatory environment for foreign investment and helped to form insurance agency and third-party administration subsidiaries to enter the Chinese health insurance market. (2011)

Foreign direct investment

Assisted various U.S. companies in the manufacturing and biotech industries with corporate restructuring projects involving Chinese partner buyouts, relocation of physical facilities, real property sales and purchases, and tax planning. (2011)

Foreign direct investment

Helped U.S. food and beverage retailers to buy out Chinese partners and restructure its operations in China. (2011)

Foreign direct investment in China*

Advised in incorporation of several WFOEs for many renowned international companies, covering the industries of futures trading, IT, finance and commodity trading. (2011)

International infrastructure project

Represented a consortium of Chinese companies in several major infrastructure projects in the United States. (2011)

Internet payment systems

Regularly acts for online merchants to handle commercial agreements with internet payment processors and credit card companies for Internet business in China and worldwide. (2010-2011)

Merger of equals in Cayman Islands

Represented the surviving entity in its merger transaction with another company in the Cayman Islands, and simultaneous and subsequent reorganization of related subsidiaries in Hong Kong and mainland China. (2011)

New energy technology for auto vehicles

Represented a US Fortune 500 company in preparation and negotiations of vehicle hybrid drive system sales contracts with China domestic passenger vehicle manufacturers. (2011)

Nuclear station operation software system licensing

Represented a U.S. software operation system provider in preparation and negotiation with China domestic nuclear station company of a system licensing contract. (2011)

Outbound acquisition*

Advised a Chongqing based domestic state-owned company in its outbound acquisition of a U.K. vehicle manufacturing company and offshore restructuring. (2011)

Pre-paid cards for petrol company

Advised a world-wide petrol company in its pre-paid card compliance matter. (2011)

Purchase of equity interest

Represented a British real estate investment company in the purchase of the equity interest in a Chinese company that owns retail shops and office buildings in China. (2011)

Purchase of equity interest

Represented a PE fund in the purchase of an equity interest in a Chinese company that owns and operates waste water treatment and drinking water supply facilities in five Chinese cities. (2011)

Retailer loyalty card program

Assisted U.S. retailer develop a customer loyalty and rewards program including presentation of card in traditional store and on-line storage and management of loyalty points and rewards fulfillment. (2011)

Retailer's customer loyalty and rewards program

Represented large multi-store retailer in creating and launching a customer loyalty program throughout China, including online customer interface, information privacy and security, and back-end data processing. (2011)

Software licensing and distribution

Assisted U.S. software manufacturer to negotiate licenses for healthcare information management software products with hospitals throughout China. (2011)

Structuring for P to P finance*

Advised in constructing a P to P finance structure for a domestic P to P finance website. (2011)

Tender offering

Advised a design/build consortium from mainland China on the structure, prequalification and tender offering process for a major infrastructure project in the U.S. (2011)

Arbitration in China

Successfully represented one client before CITEAC arbitration panel in Beijing, and the other client before another CITEAC arbitration panel in Shanghai.

Arbitration in the United States

Successfully represented a Chinese company in a litigation case in California and related JAMs arbitration in San Francisco. (2010)

China restructuring for a U.S. leading retailer company*

Represented a Fortune 100 U.S. leading discount retailer in restructuring of its invested entities in six cities in China. (2010)

Foreign fund investment in China*

Advised a large Hong Kong based investment fund in its investment of a renowned high-end Chinese garment company located in Shanghai. (2010)

Merger and acquisition

Represented a large German chemical manufacturer in a stock purchase of a water treatment company based in Nanjing. (2010)

Merger of foreign invested commercial enterprise

Represented a Midwest-based plumbing and toilet manufacturer in the merger of a foreign invested commercial enterprise into its wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary. (2010)

Partner buy-out

Representing Delaware-based chemical and new material leader in Chinese partner buy-out or sell-out transaction. (2010)

Potential merger/series of equity transfers

Represented a Midwest-based auto components manufacturer in early stage of a China corporate transaction involving a series of equity transfers and a corporate merger/consolidation. (2010)

Purchase of assets/series A preferred share issuance

Represented a new company in a spin-off of assets from an existing company; and Series A preferred stock financing by a Cayman Islands holding company with a subsidiary operating in Shanghai. (2010)

Strategic alliance

Represented Chicago-based chemical manufacturer in the formation of a strategic alliance and the negotiation of an exclusive supply and distribution agreement with a Nanjing-based chemical manufacturer. Also advised client on antitrust issues. (2010)

Acquisition of stock and other assets

Represented a U.K.-based media company in its purchase of a PRC company specializing in reverse engineering to protect media and technology companies against IP infringement. The transaction involved the off-shore purchase of the stock of a BVI company and the on-shore purchase of the assets of several Chinese companies. (2009)

Establishment of a regional headquarters*

Advised a major U.S. audio solution provider in its establishment of a regional headquarters in Shanghai, China. (2009)

Real estate acquisition and financing*

Advised a U.S. real estate investment fund in its acquisition of a Grade A office building in Shanghai and related real estate financing. (2008)

Stock option plan registration with Shanghai Foreign Exchange*

Advised an NYSE listed Chinese domestic media and branding company on its stock option plan and foreign exchange registration. (2008)

Venture capital for technology company*

Advised on the first-round and the second-round VC financing for a China-based technology company by a U.S. venture capital firm. (2008)

Litigation in the United States

Successfully represented several Chinese clients in their litigation cases in the United States.
* Denotes experience completed at a prior firm