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Communications, Media, IP & Technology

The convergence of the communications, media, and technology (CMT) industries is now beyond question, as each of these traditional industries operates fully in a digital world where content and distribution may be provided by the same company. DWT’s communications, media, and technology team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of lawyers who assist clients across industries and platforms with all the critical issues affecting the CMT world.

In counseling clients including traditional cable operators, broadcasters, telecoms, wireless providers, print media publishers, digital media entities, gaming companies, software providers, hardware manufacturers, app makers and aggregators, our lawyers service clients in every sector of CMT, enabling us to advise as to how legal issues in one segment cross over into every other segment. From providing valuable insight on how to leverage the creation and distribution of content across virtually any medium to issues related to copyright, advertising and promotions, and privacy, we approach legal and strategic business questions from 360-degrees to make sure our clients understand the ramifications of each decision—and how it affects their business, both now and in the future.

We offer clients depth and breadth across the CMT spectrum:

Lawyers in our communications practice have decades of federal and state regulatory experience advising clients in every area of the communications industry. We counsel clients on the business and regulatory approvals for communications transactions; lobby government officials and agencies to help shape laws that affect our clients' businesses; and handle compliance, litigation and dispute resolution in the manner that best meets our clients’ strategic and financial objectives.

Recognized regularly as one of the leading national firms for media law, we handle a panoply of media and First Amendment matters through counseling, litigation or in transactions. We help our clients assert their First Amendment protection and constitutional rights and defend defamation and privacy claims in all media and on the Internet. We also address issues of misappropriation and rights of publicity; government regulation of content; subpoenas and reporters’ privileges; and prior restraints. We provide around-the-clock advice on newsgathering and pre-publication and pre-broadcast review, and we advise on issues related to advertising, marketing and promotions.

Our technology lawyers help clients negotiate and document the purchase, license, development and installation, and integration of software, digital content, gaming and other technology. We handle inbound and outbound agreements for standard hardware and software, custom systems, telecommunications services, ASPs and other technology service agreements, including “software as a service” (Saas), cloud computing and outsourcing agreements. We have a strong focus on new media and gaming, and we work with industry leaders on social networking, digital media, Internet and mobile technology counseling and transactions.

Intellectual property
We provide comprehensive and practical advice to companies in all industries covering the full range of intellectual property counseling, prosecution and litigation, specifically including trademark, copyright and patent registration, prosecution, licensing and litigation, as well as marketing and trade secret strategies. Our lawyers handle some of the leading cases with regard to the intersection of IP and the converged CMT world. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in the IP aspects and due diligence of all forms of transactions.

Privacy and security
We provide counsel on all critical privacy issues for companies handling personally identifiable and other sensitive data. We help clients develop the architecture, practices, and privacy policies for advanced advertising and analytics of consumer viewing and behavioral data, subpoena compliance, data breach response, and in all other online and offline privacy obligations.

Emerging payments
We assist clients with issues involving virtually any emerging payment technology or system, including payment cards; biometrics; emerging network technologies; prepaid stored value cards; near field communication (NFC); general spend reloadable cards; online person-to-person (P2P) payments; electronic cash; account-to-account (A2A) payments; Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP); mobile card acceptance; Internet, mobile, and contactless payments; next-generation credit and rewards cards featuring microcomputers; and more.

In addition, we keep our clients apprised of major developments in the CMT world through several constantly updated resources, including:

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