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SEATTLE, MAY 30, 2013 – In its eleventh annual survey of the U.S. legal market, the prestigious directory Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business (2013) has recognized 88 Davis Wright Tremaine attorneys across 43 practice areas and eight offices as leaders in their fields.

Published by Chambers & Partners, Chambers USA selects law firms and individuals based on research gathered through extensive in-depth interviews with in-house counsel, industry experts, and leading private practice attorneys across the nation.

These are just a few of the comments Chambers received, and published, about Davis Wright Tremaine practice teams:

  • "They are extraordinarily responsive, pragmatic and sophisticated." (Media & Entertainment Litigation – California)
  • "Their lawyers are both smart and practical." (Real Estate – Alaska)
  • "They have top-rate client service and are always willing to take the extra step to help me." (Labor & Employment – Oregon)
  • "Very knowledgeable, very experienced and very accessible." (Corporate/Commercial – Washington)
  • "They are business-oriented lawyers - they understand that we are trying to do business and help to analyze business risk very well." (Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite: Regulatory – D.C.)

Chambers awarded Davis Wright its top ranking—Band 1—in 13 practice areas across five states, including:

  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Washington)
  • Corporate/Commercial including Tax (Washington)
  • Corporate/M&A (Alaska)
  • Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation (California)
  • Immigration (Washington)
  • Labor & Employment (Washington and Alaska)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (Washington)
  • Media & Entertainment (District of Columbia)
  • Media & Entertainment Litigation (California, New York)
  • Real Estate (Washington and Alaska)

Chambers also recognized 14 Davis Wright attorneys as leaders in nationwide categories:

  1. Robert Balin (First Amendment Litigation)
  2. Becky M. Bruner (Energy: Electricity, Regulatory & Litigation)
  3. Robert Corn-Revere (First Amendment Litigation)
  4. Nancy J. Felsten (Advertising: Transactional & Regulatory)
  5. Laura R. Handman (First Amendment Litigation)
  6. Bruce E.H. Johnson (First Amendment Litigation)
  7. Victor A. Kovner (First Amendment Litigation)
  8. Jesse D. Lyon (Food & Beverages: Alcohol)
  9. Elizabeth A. McNamara (First Amendment Litigation)
  10. Malcolm A. Moore (Wealth Management: Western Region)
  11. Mark L. Perlis (Energy: Electricity, Regulatory & Litigation)
  12. Kelli L. Sager (First Amendment Litigation)
  13. Rochelle Buchsbaum Spandorf (Franchising)
  14. James Vasile (Energy: Electricity: Regulatory & Litigation)

Sager was named a “Star Individual,” one of just three attorneys in the country awarded that designation by Chambers for First Amendment Litigation.

In addition, Chambers awarded Davis Wright Tremaine’s media practice team its 2013 Award for Excellence. Chambers designates just one law firm nationwide as the Award for Excellence winner in each of several key practice areas. The award reflects “notable achievements over the past 12 months including outstanding work, impressive strategic growth, and excellence in client service.”

The full list of recognized Davis Wright Tremaine attorneys follows, along with the geographic region they are recognized in.

Advertising: Transactional & Regulatory
Nancy J. Felsten (Nationwide)

Allison A. Davis (California)

Ragan Powers (Washington)
Harvey Schochet (California)

Greg F. Adams (Washington)
Bruce Bjerke (Washington)
Joseph D. Weinstein (Washington)
Joseph P. Whitford (Washington)
Marcus Williams (Washington)

Corporate/Commercial: Tax
Pamela Charles (Washington)
LaVerne Woods (Washington)
James E. Wreggelsworth (Washington)

Jon S. Dawson (Alaska)
Barbara Simpson Kraft (Alaska)
Jesse D. Lyon (Oregon)
Michael C. Phillips (Oregon)
Joseph Reece (Alaska)

Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
Becky M. Bruner (Nationwide)
James B. Vasile (Nationwide)
Mark L. Perlis (Nationwide)

Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation
Jeffrey Gray (California)
Steven Greenwald (California)
Edward W. O’Neill (California)

Lawrence B. Burke (Oregon)
Richard W. Elliott (Washington)
Richard M. Glick (Oregon)
Lynn T. Manolopoulos (Washington)
Daniel E. O’Leary (Oregon)

First Amendment Litigation
Robert Balin (Nationwide)
Robert Corn-Revere (Nationwide)
Laura R. Handman (Nationwide)
Bruce E.H. Johnson (Nationwide)
Victor A. Kovner (Nationwide)
Elizabeth A. McNamara (Nationwide)
Kelli L. Sager (Nationwide)

Food & Beverages: Alcohol
Jesse D. Lyon (Nationwide)

Rochelle Spandorf (Nationwide)

Health Care
Dennis S. Diaz (California)
Robert D. Girard (California)
Terri D. Keville (California)
Robert L. Schuchard (California)

Christopher R. Helm (Washington)
Richard M. Rawson (Washington)

Intellectual Property
Benjamin Byer (Washington)
Stuart R. Dunwoody (Washington)
Warren J. Rheaume (Washington)

Intellectual Property: Trademark & Copyright
Edward J. Davis (New York)
Marcia B. Paul (New York)

Labor & Employment
Carol J. Bernick (Oregon)
Mark W. Berry (Washington)
Robert A. Blackstone (Washington)
Henry Farber (Washington)
Gregory Fisher (Alaska)
Lawton Humphrey (Washington)
Mark A. Hutcheson (Washington)
James H. Juliussen (Alaska)
Judith Droz Keyes (California)
Thomas A. Lemly (Washington)
Chrys Martin (Oregon)
Jenna Mooney (Oregon)
Michael Reiss (Washington)
Robert K. Stewart (Alaska)

Labor & Employment: Immigration
James M. Mei (Oregon)

Litigation: General Commercial
Jon S. Dawson (Alaska)
David A. Ernst (Oregon)
Rebecca Francis (Washington)
John F. McGrory (Oregon)
Robert D. Newell (Oregon)
David W. Oesting (Alaska)
Daniel E. O’Leary (Oregon)
Douglas C. Ross (Washington)
Stephen M. Rummage (Washington)

Media & Entertainment
Robert Corn-Revere (District of Columbia)
Laura R. Handman (District of Columbia)

Media & Entertainment: Copyright & Contract Disputes
Elizabeth A. McNamara (New York)
Marcia B. Paul (New York)

Media & Entertainment: First Amendment Litigation
Thomas R. Burke (California)
Duffy Carolan (California)
Victor A. Kovner (New York)
Elizabeth A. McNamara (New York)
Kelli L. Sager (California)
Alonzo Wickers IV (California)

Media & Entertainment: Mainly Regulatory
Robert Corn-Revere (District of Columbia)

Media & Entertainment: Theater
M. Graham Coleman (New York)

Media & Entertainment: Transactional
Jill Cohen (California)
Kelly Logue (California)

Real Estate
Jon Dawson (Alaska)
Marco de Sa e Silva (Washington)
Thomas A. Goeltz (Washington)
Eugene L. Grant (Oregon)
Jim Greenfield (Washington)
Warren Koons (Washington)
Steve Ledoux (Oregon)
Barbara Simpson Kraft (Alaska)
Donald E. Percival (Washington)
Joseph Reece (Alaska)
Thomas S. Smith (Oregon)

Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Phillip E. Grillo (Oregon)
John E. Keegan (Washington)

Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite: Regulatory
Paul Glist (District of Columbia)
Robert Stankey (District of Columbia)

Wealth Management: Western Region
Malcolm A. Moore (Nationwide)

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