For over two decades, the Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) has been annually holding a national moot court competition. Vanessa Norman, a
first-year associate in our Anchorage office, served as president of NALSA while at Lewis & Clark Law School, and was also a member of her school’s national NALSA moot court team. So when Lewis & Clark played host to the NALSA competition this past year, Norman was eager to help out—and to get the firm involved as well.

She volunteered to serve as a judge, and four senior attorneys in our Portland office volunteered to assist. Greg Chaimov, Tim
Cunningham, Eric Dahlin, and Tim Volpert met with students at our offices in mid-February and helped them with their oral arguments, focusing on
presentation, poise, and more. The students were very grateful for the guidance. DWT also sponsored the event.

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