AUGUST 18, 2022 – Based on the high regard in which they are held by their peers, more than 160 attorneys at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP have been included in the 2023 edition of Best Lawyers. Ten of those lawyers also received the Lawyer of the Year accolade, while another 57 were named Ones to Watch.

The annual Best Lawyers list is drawn from detailed, confidential evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers. Based on those surveys, Best Lawyers compiles its list of the country's best lawyers and designates a single Lawyer of the Year in each of several high-profile practice areas in major legal markets.

Recognized as 2023 Lawyers of the Year are:

Name Practice Area
Elaine R. Albrich Energy Portland
Kraig L. Marini Baker Technology Seattle 
Thomas R. Burke First Amendment Litigation San Francisco
Chris Ford Information Technology  Washington, D.C.
Judith Droz Keyes Employment San Francisco
Hugh McCullough Bankruptcy Litigation Seattle
Dana M. Reid Nonprofit/Charities Seattle
Eric M. Stahl Communications Seattle
Linda Steinman Copyright New York City
Suzanne K. Toller Communications San Francisco

Best Lawyers also designated 57 early-career Davis Wright Tremaine lawyers as Ones to Watch. They are:

Name Practice Area City
MaryAnn Almeida
Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property Seattle
Brandon J. Archuleta Corporate; Securities / Capital Markets; Technology  Seattle 
Michaela Bantilan Andrawis Health Care  Los Angeles
Kevin Badgley Banking and Finance  Seattle
Kristen Bertch Privacy and Data Security Washington
Rachel I. Block Intellectual Property; Technology Seattle
Matthew B. Bornfreund Administrative / Regulatory  Washington 
Melissa Burgess Communications Washington
Meg A. Burnham Labor and Employment and Litigation Bellevue
Heather Canner Banking and Finance; Appellate Los Angeles
 Jack Chang IP Litigation, Patent Seattle
Heather A. Coldwell Real Estate Seattle
Patrick J. Curran Communications Washington
Grant M. Damon-Feng Commercial Litigation Seattle
Chad Darcy Labor and Employment Anchorage
Courtney DeThomas Communications Washington
Lauren A. Dorsett Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Seattle
Lukas Dudkowski Intellectual Property Litigation; Technology Seattle
Caitlin Forsyth Health Care Seattle
Marissa Franco Labor and Employment Los Angeles
Valerie N. Gallo
Labor and Employment Law and Litigation
Los Angeles
Danielle R. Gerson Labor and Employment Litigation Los Angeles
Brent Hamilton Labor and Employment Litigation  Portland
Christine C. Hawkins   Employee Benefits (ERISA) Bellevue
John Hodges-Howell Labor and Employment  Seattle
William Lewis Holtzman Intellectual Property  New York
David Huang Communications San Francisco
Christine Parkins Johnson Administrative / Regulatory Law; Health Care; M&A  Los Angeles
Lauren E. Johnson Real Estate  Portland
Amy Kabaria Health Care; Privacy and Data Security Washington
Xiang Li Commercial Litigation; IP Litigation
Tyler Maffia Labor and Employment San Francisco
Billy Matthews Banking and Finance Seattle
Connor McCune Entertainment and Sports Seattle
Shannon L. McNeal Technology Washington
Carissa Meade Health Care Seattle
Heather Moelter   Communications Portland
Diana Palacios Entertainment and Sports; IP Litigation Los Angeles
Mohammad B. Pathan Commercial Litigation New York
Jibraun Riaz Labor and Employment Los Angeles
Victoria Samuels Technology  Washington
Nicholas Scholten Mergers and Acquisitions Seattle
Lauren Schulz Intellectual Property Seattle
Katherine Sheriff Technology; Transportation Washington
Caitlin P. Shin   Commercial Litigation; Land Use and Zoning Portland
Arthur A. Simpson Labor and Employment Seattle
Victoria Slade Labor and Employment; Labor and Employment Litigation Seattle
Walker Stanovsky Energy Seattle
Tahiya Sultan Energy
San Francisco
Chris Swift Commercial Litigation Portland
L. Danielle Toaltoan Intellectual Property New York
Bradley W. Tubbs Corporate Seattle
Jamie D. Walter Labor and Employment; Labor and Employment Litigation San Francisco
Ashley L. Watkins Vulin Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions  - Defendants Portland
Cheryl Wei Entertainment and Sports Law; Intellectual Property Los Angeles
Heming Xu Intellectual Property Litigation Los Angeles

The full list of Davis Wright's recognized lawyers is below:


Barbara Simpson Kraft - Corporate, Mergers and Acquisition, Real Estate


Keith G. Baldwin - Corporate
Mark W. Berry - Employment 
Crissa Cugini - Real Estate
Marco de Sa e Silva - Land Use and Zoning, Real Estate
Rhys M. Farren - Commercial Litigation, Trusts and Estates Litigation
Gregory A. Hendershott - Employment
Richard A. Klobucher - Trusts and Estates
Warren E. Koons - Real Estate
Lynn T. Manolopoulos - Environmental
Larry C. Martin - Land Use and Zoning, Real Estate
David J. Ubaldi - Environmental

Los Angeles

Kathleen H. Drummy - Health Care
Mary Haas - Commercial Litigation
Jacob M. Harper - Food and Beverage 
Jordan B. Keville - Health Care
Terri D. Keville - Health Care
John P. LeCrone - Employment
Hope R. Levy-Biehl - Health Care
Stacie K. Neroni - Health Care
Kelli L. Sager - Entertainment-Motion Pictures and Television, First Amendment Litigation, Media
Rochelle B. Spandorf - Franchise
Suzanne K. Toller - Communications, Utilities
Alonzo Wickers IV - Entertainment-Motion Pictures and Television, First Amendment Litigation, Media
Rochelle L. Wilcox - First Amendment, Media
Robert A. Wyman - Entertainment-Motion Pictures and Television 

New York

Robert D. Balin - Media
Katherine M. Bolger - Copyright, First Amendment Litigation, Media
Carolyn J. Casselman - Entertainment-Theater
M. Graham Coleman - Entertainment-Motion Pictures and Television, Entertainment-Theater, Media
Stephen J. Crimmins - Securities Litigation, Securities Regulation
Robert J. Driscoll - Advertising 
Nancy J. Felsten - Advertising 
Nicholas A. Giannasca - Energy, Energy Regulatory
Laura R. Handman - First Amendment Litigation, Media
Victor A. Kovner - First Amendment Litigation
Elizabeth A. McNamara - Copyright, Entertainment-Motion Pictures and Television, First Amendment, Intellectual Property Litigation, Media, Trademark 
Laura Sack - Employment, Labor 
Linda Steinman - Copyright


Elaine R. Albrich - Energy, Land Use and Zoning 
Ingrid Brydolf - Health Care
Tim Cunningham - Commercial Litigation
Clifford A. DeGroot - Corporate
Kathy Dent - Employment 
John A. DiLorenzo, Jr. - Government Relations
David A. Ernst - Commercial Litigation, FDA, Food and Beverage, Mass Tort/Class Actions-Defendants, Product Liability Litigation-Defendants
Marcus Eyth - Construction
Kaley L. Fendall - Mergers and Acquisitions
Stuart C. Harris - Employee Benefits (ERISA) 
Thomas S. Hillier - Real Estate
Everett W. Jack, Jr. - Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation-Plaintiffs
Kevin H. Kono - Appellate Practice, Commercial Litigation, First Amendment Litigation
Stephen R. Ledoux - Leisure and Hospitality, Real Estate
Jesse D. Lyon - Mergers and Acquisition
William D. Miner - Commercial Litigation 
Jenna L. Mooney - Employment, Labor and Employment Litigation
Sheila Fox Morrison - Copyright, Trademark
Carol A. Noonan - Employment 
Michael C. Phillips - Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities/Capital Markets
Mark P. Trinchero - Administrative/Regulatory, Communications, Utilities 
Joseph M. VanLeuven - Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization 

San Francisco

Jeffrey S. Bosley - Employment, Labor 
Thomas R. Burke - First Amendment, Litigation 
Patrick J. Ferguson - Energy Regulatory
Martin L. Fineman - Commercial Litigation
Gerald F. George - Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Natural Resources
Steven F. Greenwald - Energy, Energy Regulatory
Judith Droz Keyes - Employment, Labor and Employment Litigation
Vidhya Prabhakaran - Energy, Energy Regulatory, Utilities
Harvey S. Schochet - Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization 


Scott Adams - Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent 
Jaime Drozd Allen - Commercial Litigation
Kraig L. Marini Baker - Technology 
Louisa Barash - Technology 
Mark N. Bartlett - Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense: White-Collar, Health Care Litigation
Richard J. Birmingham - Employee Benefits (ERISA), ERISA Litigation
Fred B. Burnside - Appellate, Commercial Litigation, Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law
Diane M. Butler - Immigration 
Benjamin J. Byer - Intellectual Property Litigation
Cindy L. Caditz - Copyright, Trademark 
Stuart C. Campbell - Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions 
Steven Caplow - Commercial Litigation
Anthony T. Caso - Real Estate 
Pamela M. Charles - Tax 
Michael Donohue - Patent, Technology 
Stuart R. Dunwoody - Copyright, Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Litigation, Trademark 
Jane Eckels - Litigation  - Intellectual Property, Technology 
Brent R. Eller - Health Care 
Jason A. Farber - Mergers and Acquisitions 
Brad Fisher - Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Commercial Litigation
James A. Flaggert - Trusts and Estates
Jason T. Froggatt - Employee Benefits (ERISA) 
Craig A. Gannett - Energy, Environmental 
David W. Gee - Health Care 
Dirk Giseburt - Tax 
John A. Goldmark - Intellectual Property Litigation
Clayton Graham - Land Use and Zoning 
James C. Grant - Commercial Litigation
Peter N. Grant - Health Care 
James A. Greenfield - Land Use and Zoning, Real Estate 
Jayanne A. Hino - Real Estate 
Robert G. Homchick - Health Care 
James E. Howard - Commercial Litigation
Brian D. Hulse - Banking and Finance 
Mark A. Hutcheson - Employment, Labor
Bruce E. H. Johnson - Advertising, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, First Amendment, First Amendment Litigation, Media 
Wendy Kearns - Communications, Technology, Trademark 
Michael J. Killeen - Employment, Labor and Employment Litigation
Harry J. F. Korrell - Civil Rights, Employment, Labor
Matthew D. LeMaster - Corporate, Leisure and Hospitality 
Scott W. MacCormack - Corporate, Energy 
Traeger Machetanz - Construction 
Bonnie MacNaughton - Intellectual Property Litigation
Robert J. Maguire - Commercial Litigation
Brendan T. Mangan - Commercial Litigation
Hugh McCullough - Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization, Bankruptcy Litigation
Jonathan Michaels - Mergers and Acquisitions 
Peter J. Mucklestone - Banking and Finance 
Kenneth E. Payson - Appellate, Commercial Litigation
Lisa Peterson - Real Estate 
Ragan L. Powers - Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization, Bankruptcy Litigation
Michele Radosevich - Tax 
Richard M. Rawson - Immigration 
John A. Reed - Corporate 
Dana M. Reid - Nonprofit / Charities, Trusts and Estates
Michael Reiss - Employment, Labor 
Warren J. Rheaume - Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Litigation, Trade Secrets Law
George C. Rondeau, Jr. - Patent, Trade Secrets, Trademark 
Kathryn S. Rosen - Litigation  - Labor and Employment
Stephen M. Rummage - Appellate, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation
Richard J. Schroeder - Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization 
Andrew J. Schultheis - Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions 
Eric M. Stahl - Communications, First Amendment 
Dipa N. Sudra - Employee Benefits (ERISA) 
Sheehan Sullivan - Employment
Brian J. Todd - Tax 
Scot D. Tucker - Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization 
Sarah English Tune - Mergers and Acquisitions 
Megan Vogel - Immigration 
Daniel M. Waggoner - Communications, First Amendment, Technology 
William L. Weigand III - Commercial Litigation
Joseph D. Weinstein - Business Organizations (including LLCs and Partnerships), Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions 
Rebecca L. Williams - Health Care 
LaVerne Woods - Nonprofit/Charities, Tax 
James E. Wreggelsworth - Tax 

Washington, D.C.

Sean A. Atkins - Energy 
Christian R. Bartholomew - Securities Litigation, Securities Regulation
Robert Corn-Revere - Communications, Entertainment-Motion Pictures and Television, First Amendment Litigation, Media 
Thomas A. Ferrigno - Corporate Compliance, Corporate Governance 
Christopher D. Ford - Information Technology, Technology 
Joseph I. Goldstein - Corporate Compliance, Corporate Governance, Litigation-Securities, Securities Regulation
K.C. Halm - Communications 
Laura R. Handman - First Amendment Litigation, Media 
Paul B. Hudson - Communications 
Barbara S. Jost - Energy 
Howard L. Kramer - Securities Regulation
Thomas J. McGonigle - Litigation-Securities, Securities Regulation
Brian Nixon - Advertising 
Kevin Petrasic - Financial Services Regulation 
Christopher W. Savage - Communications 
Robert G. Scott, Jr. - Communications 
John D. Seiver - Communications 
Nathan Siegel - First Amendment Litigation, Media 
Andrea Wolfman - Energy Law, Energy Regulatory, Utilities 

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