What’s on Your Mind? Bosses Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Find Out

The Wall Street Journal explores the trend of human resource departments relying increasingly on AI for help with hiring, firing and –more importantly—managing human resources. Among other important developments is the expectation that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will issue “guidelines” on AI-enabled decision-making in hiring processes to address workplace discrimination issues.

Is Big Data Finally Changing Health Care?

Better health outcomes appear imminent with the intersection of big data and AI, as Fortune magazine looks at new developments in health care technology and the role of the federal government in pooling health data which, when made available to AI systems, has the potential to advance health outcomes.

ITIF Warns Against Privacy Laws Limiting AI

Rob Atkinson, President of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (“ITIF”) delivered a report to a G7 ministerial meeting in Montreal, arguing that policymakers should avoid data-protection regulations that inadvertently limit innovations driven by artificial intelligence.

Babbage: Working AI to Five

The Economist podcast explores the impact of AI on the workforce, including hiring policies, worker privacy, and cyber-unionization.