Each year, the Media and the Law Seminar hosted by the University of Kansas School of Law and the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association Media Law Committee provides an opportunity for legal experts to discuss the latest legal issues and developments in media, law, and technology. This year’s topics will cover the impact of technology, culture, and politics on media freedoms; social media; the erosion of public trust in the media and non-governmental threats to the media; the Me Too Movement; and Artificial Intelligence.

On Friday, May 4, DWT’s Alison Schary will participate in the panel, Bots on the Beat: Is Artificial Intelligence-created Content and Communication a Helpful Friend or Hidden Foe?  The panel will discuss how the law will cope when AI bots engage in conduct that can result in traditional forms of media law liability, including defamation, invasion of privacy, intellectual property infringement, and other types of potential torts or even criminal acts.

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