White House Will Host Tech Industry for AI summit on Thursday

According to the Washington Post, in early May, the White House brought executives from major tech companies and other large corporations together to discuss AI and how American companies can cooperate to take advantage of new advances in these technologies. The White House event follows recently announced initiatives by countries like France, the U.K. and China to spur national policies governing investment in artificial intelligence, and predicts additional action from Washington, D.C. on this issue.

The AI Doctor Will See You Now

This Wall Street Journal article explores new AI technology that instructs a brain-implant to stimulate users’ brains to interrupt a seizure at its onset. The author posits that this innovation is part of a larger phenomenon that has big implications for how we identify and treat disease, specifically the application of artificial intelligence to consumer and clinical electronics. These issues also raise questions surrounding the scope and reach of medical licensing obligations for health care applications in the AI space.

Inside Shanghai's Robot Bank: China Opens World's First Human-Free Branch

In China, the China Construction Bank has opened the first fully automated, human-free bank branch, using robots in place of human employees, according to the Guardian. The article points to this new bank branch as part of broader trend to use of AI-powered robots in professions such as security and manufacturing, which raises questions about workforce impact and the potential efficiency gains of robotics in consumer-facing services.

Artificial Intelligence – With Very Real Biases

This Wall Street Journal podcast explores government and business use of AI, and the risks of automation bias in use of these technologies. The podcast interviews several researchers who discuss the need for ethical principles. In one example, the podcast hosts look into the potential risks of predictive policing technologies to skew law enforcement in biased ways towards certain demographics.