Curious about how automation will affect our workplaces? Wondering what laws currently impact employees, employers and the workforce when automation is introduced in the workplace? Curious about how human lawmakers and unions are scrambling to respond to the opportunities (and threat) of automation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should join us May 10 at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP’s annual New York Employment Law Update, where attorney Matt Jedreski will answer the question, “Are We All Going to be Replaced by Robots?” With a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek fearmongering, we’ll discuss:

  • Current applications of automation and machine learning in recruiting, hiring, personnel management, and in the workplace at large
  • How courts are applying traditional laws to these areas
  • How lawmakers and labor unions are currently addressing automated decision-making, biometric information, and privacy
  • How automation will reshape the work landscape in the coming decade
  • What new regulations we might expect in reaction to the changing workplace