USAC will begin the launch process for the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) on December 16th, when it will be ready to receive data from ETCs and begin the scrubbing process for the first five states (Maryland, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Washington).   After the data has been submitted, USAC will migrate into into “live” production—meaning that ETCs will be required to confirm the subscriber’s identity and compliance with the one-per-household rule—according to this schedule:

  • Maryland: January 27, 2014
  • AR, LA, OK, and WA: No earlier than February 4, 2014

USAC will notify ETCs once a state is live in the database, at which point the carriers will be required to use the NLAD to add, enroll, edit, and de-enroll subscribers.  The NLAD database does not confirm the subscriber’s income qualifications for participation in the Lifeline program.  ETCs, therefore, must continue to verify income by reviewing the potential subscriber’s food stamp card or other documentation that shows participation in a qualifying program or other qualifying income level.

Further details about the migration and rollout timeline are available on the USAC website.  USAC has also posted resources to help ETCs use the NLAD input template and has included answers to frequently asked questions.

UPDATE: The post has been updated to reflect that the original rollout date of December 2nd has been postponed to December 16th.