After multiple delays, the National Lifeline Accountability Database, or NLAD, appears closer to achieving its "go live" date, which is currently set for February 13, 2014 for the state of Maryland.  The FCC Wireline Competition Bureau released late yesterday a Public Notice announcing that "authorized entities" (which includes ETCs and Lifeline resellers) must query the NLAD as part of the process for determining a Lifeline applicant's eligibility in accordance with the schedule released by USAC, although providers will be given at least 30 days from the date that the Public Notice was released.   Maryland's current "go live" date of February 13, 2014 has been adjusted several times.  The Bureau's Public Notice is likely an indication that FCC staff and USAC anticipate that this date will not change significantly.  The next group of states are Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Washington, which are scheduled to go live "no earlier than" February 21, 2014.  The "no earlier" language gives the FCC and USAC flexibility to push out this launch date if the Maryland launch reveals additional work to be done on the NLAD.  Companies should note that the NLAD will only confirm eligibility under the Lifeline one-per-household rule as well as perform an identity check.  ETCs and resellers will still need to obtain a completed certification form and check the applicant's proof of benefits until a national eligibility database is established.