The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau has released new guidance for ETCs that choose to have USAC recertify their Lifeline subscribers (instead of undertaking the recertification process themselves).  There are three updates to the process.  First, USAC will provide ETCs with an opportunity to update consumer addresses 45 days before USAC’s recertification attempt.  Second, USAC has been directed to provide “sufficient notice” (five days) to subscribers who will be de-enrolled for failure to re-certify.  Third, ETCs may now specify Study Area Codes (SACs) in which they would like USAC to recertify subscribers, rather than make an all-or-nothing election for all of the carrier’s SACs.  The process that USAC will follow to recertify ETC subscribers is otherwise the same as in prior years.  ETCs that wish to have USAC recertify their subscribers must notify USAC by May 1, 2015.