On January 18, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau issued an order granting five Lifeline Broadband Provider (LBP) petitions, enabling the grantees to receive Lifeline support for the provision of broadband Internet access services to eligible applicants. As we reported in a prior post, the Bureau granted four LBP petitions on December 1, so the new order brings the total number of LBP designations granted under the FCC’s recently revised Lifeline rules to nine. All of the petitions were deemed eligible for streamlined treatment under recently adopted FCC rules, and the new order includes two LBP designations to facilities-based BIAS providers. Three of the five new grantees, including both of the facilities-based providers, were represented by DWT attorneys. As of January 25, twenty-seven other LBP applications filed under the new rules remain pending before the FCC.

For more information or assistance in seeking designation to provide broadband services as a Lifeline Broadband Provider, please contact the DWT Lifeline Team.