Flat Icon Champion Trophy Cup Victory Success Win Congratulations to the families and businesses honored at the 2015 Washington Family Business Awards. The event presented by Seattle Business magazine is always a festive one, with many of the families represented by three generations in attendance.   Bret Pittsinger of Van Doren Sales, Inc. which creates equipment for cleaning, waxing, sorting,  and packing fresh apples, pears and cherries, spoke eloquently about the fundamental values passed down from generation to generation in  his family – quality workmanship and service and deep community involvement.  Family Home Care President Jeff Wiberg described the honor of providing in-home care to more than 500  families with members in need of one-on-one assistance.  The Laird Norton Company earned the 2015 Legacy Award in recognition of its proactive and progressive succession planning efforts.  Debbie Brown, family member and board chair of the 160-year old concern, noted that while they have successfully navigated through seven generations, their goal is to be relevant for no less than fourteen generations!  And I see no reason to stop there.   Family-owned businesses are truly the fabric of our community.  We are fortunate to have so many outstanding family-owned enterprises in our state.  For more information on the event and the family businesses honored this year, please visit http://www.seattlebusinessmag.com/seattle-event/family-business-awards-2012.   Bill Weigand provides strategic counsel to businesses, particularly in the food, agribusiness, manufacturing, and distribution industries. Many of Bill’s clients are multi-generational, family-owned businesses. He takes the time to learn the nuances of each client’s business and tailors his advice accordingly. Contact Bill at 206.757.8164 or BillWeigand@dwt.com.