Color concept tree with diversity people handsOne key advantage of participating in a family-owned business is the ability to support community activities that are consistent with a family’s culture and moral ethic.  That is not to say that a family can not have support more than one organization or different types of charitable activities. A recent Seattle Times column by Nicole Brodeur highlighted the Spady family, operators of Dick’s Drive-Ins, with six locations in the  Seattle area, and its long-term commitment to educational opportunities for its employees as well as its financial support for other community activities. Over the years, Dick’s Drive-Ins have also made it possible for its customers, with spare change, to give over $14 million to Change for Charity, and under the leadership of Jasmine Donovan, granddaughter of the founder, the company is now building support within the Seattle restaurant industry for a program called “No Child Sleeps Outside.” We think this article provides a great look at a family business that demonstrates its values to its community. Read the full article here: No Child Sleeps Outside: Order a burger, round up your bill, help homeless children.   Keith Baldwin is a business transactions and securities lawyer with a forty year history of serving clients’ legal needs. Keith focuses his practice on business relationships, including mergers and acquisitions, agreements among owner-entrepreneurs, and best practices for corporate governance. Keith can be reached via email at or directly at 425.646.6133.