Hotstart was established in Spokane, Washington in 1942 as Kimberlin Manufacturing, the company was originally owned and managed by Wayne Kimberlin, a former school bus driver who developed a unique electric engine heater for school buses. Kimberlin bought the original patent for coolant heating from GE and started making engine heaters to improve cold weather starts for diesel engines.

The company designs and manufactures engine preheaters for generators, locomotives, large trucks, ships, heavy equipment, and industrial engines. Stanley Power, a print shop owner, purchased the business in 1944 and changed the name to Kim Hotstart Manufacturing Company. In 2009, the company adopted the Hotstart name. The company continues to be owned by the descendants of Stanley Power.

The company now has over 200 employees, with offices in Washington, Texas, Indiana, Germany, and Japan.

The business has experienced rapid growth both domestically and internationally. Hotstart is currently owned by 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation family members, with the business governed by a board of directors comprised of family members, and the family by a family council.

On June 26, 2018 our legacy series panelists will be Jenni Isaak, Rick Robinson, and Rush Riese. Jenni is current chair of the board and a member of the 4th generation. Rick is ex-chair and ex-CEO of the business, a current director and a 3rd generation member. Rush is married to a third generation family member, is a current director and has served for six years on the Family Council. They will discuss, among other things, how the family has dealt with generational transition of leadership and ownership, as well as, how they have used their family council to create an aligned family vision for the business and family ownership.

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To inquire about our event on June 26, please contact Tara de Borja.