Family businesses, like any other business, are often created when a family least expects it. Womaze, a self-empowerment app with a mission to “democratize wisdom, reminding women of their infinite worth and potential,” was founded by three sisters Becca (21), Leah (21), and Hannah (17), and their mother Corin (52), when they least expected it.

The women of the Wiser family had a tradition of supporting each other through group-chat when two of the Wiser sisters moved away for college. Noting the importance of family support and women empowerment, the Wiser women wanted to spread their experience with others, especially those of the younger generation who often find themselves lonely.

The youngest Wiser sister, Hannah, came up with the idea to create an app that mimicked their group-chat – her sisters and mother immediately stepped in to help out. Now, the Wiser women have created a free app for anyone, not just women, “seeking guidance, inspiration, and support.” The app is coined as a “toolbox for life,” touching on subjects like mental health and self-care. Every week the app features a guest curator, like the well-known fashion brand creator Rebecca Minkoff, and their tips and tricks to living a happy life and running a successful business.

One of their biggest challenges? Setting boundaries. Working together out of their home in Florida means their daily life is one of both running a business and running a family. The Wiser women have set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance between work and home life. For example, according to Leah, when the family has dinner “we make sure that our conversations are about life and not work so that we are still connecting on a family level.”

In addition to setting boundaries, the Wiser women urge each other to communicate with one another and always have an open mind. “Success requires so much more than hustle… it also requires tremendous alignment. Being in the flow and inviting the feminine energy into running the company is just as important as the hours and hours spent working tirelessly,” says Becca.