The City of Bothell has taken two major steps toward its Comprehensive Plan updates, including the release of a proposed draft of the plan and a draft Environmental Impact Statement for the same. These documents contemplate major changes for some parts of the city, including significant increases in permitted development densities to accommodate additional employment and housing opportunities consistent with Growth Management Act mandates. The city will be accepting formal comments on the plan through May 17, 2024, which can be submitted in hard copy, via email, or though the city's online portal.

The city anticipates issuing a Final Environmental Impact Statement along with the City Council's Recommended Plan sometime in the fall of 2024. While the Bothell Comprehensive Plan will not directly regulate development projects, it will guide future actions by the City Council to further amend its development regulations consistent with the statewide Growth Management Act. Considering this, anyone who owns or plans to develop property in Bothell in the coming years should be familiar with this plan.

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