Cyber-attacks are constantly growing more challenging and dangerous. It is a top priority for businesses to protect their networks, computers, and information from unauthorized access.

Should a data breach occur, cyber criminals, industry competitors, and even foreign governments put your employees and business and customer relationships at risk. What can be done?

The war against cyber-attacks is fought on three fronts. To protect your business, three types of controls are set in place. The administrative controls, the technical controls and the physical controls are here to keep you safe. Administrative controls are security policies for your employees and contracted service providers who have access to confidential information.

Technical controls are measures that protect your network. Some examples are firewalls, encryptions, and anti-virus software. Lastly, there are physical controls such as security cameras and restricted areas that require a personnel badge to enter. In this short video, AllBizz (fictional company) provides a quick overview of these controls to keep your company at updated in preventing cyber-attacks.